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Desky Dual Mini Standing Desk Frame


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Desky Dual Mini Standing Desk Frame Matte Black - Desky
Desky Dual Mini Standing Desk Frame
10 Year Warranty
Tool Free Assembly
Smart Bluetooth Control

Height Range of 23.6" - 49.2"
weight rnage
Weight Capacity of up to 308.6 lbs
Moves at 1.4"/ second
movement speed
Dual Motor Lifting System

The Perfect Frame for Your Current Desktop

 The health benefits of sit-stand desks are a given. Even in your limited workspace, you want to keep active throughout your workday, boosting creativity and productivity. You’re ready for a change but you've already found the ideal desktop and the thought of sourcing a sit stand desk is too much hassle.

However, with Desky’s dual mini sit stand desk frame and its space-saving footprint, you can keep your current desktop, simply fix it to our sit stand frame. If you thought only a small custom desk frame could fit tight spaces, think again. This narrow adjustable desk frame fits snugly into the study corners and office nooks of most small rooms. As with all Desky products, the robust frame and 3-stage telescopic legs on this small standing desk frame provide unsurpassed stability. Yet with its compact convenience, you can still fit its huge 308.6 lbs lifting capacity into tight spaces.This is the perfect frame if you're looking for standing desks suitable for small spaces.

sit stand desk frame colours

10 Year Warranty on all parts

Anti Collision System 

Sound reduction at 40db in motion

Leading stability and strength

Desky Dual Lifting System

Ergonomic Sit & Stand Heights: Lifting heights have been designed to provide a seated and standing height range that is ergonomically suited for 95% of all user heights.  Minimum height (23.6") allows a seated position with both feet firmly on the ground and the maximum height (49.2") even provides a comfortable standing position for users over 82.7".

Dual Motor Lifting System: Motors are concealed seamlessly within each leg to distribute power evenly when lifting and keep working components protected and out of sight.

Heavy Duty Capacity: Dual motors provide a huge 308.6 lbs Lifting Capacity to handle even the heaviest of monitor and CPU setups without compromise to speed and stability. 

Desky Solid Frame Design: Heavy duty frame and 3-stage telescopic legs provide market leading stability and best in class lifting speeds.  

Constant Motor Speed: Even when loaded, a 1.4"/second travel speed means sitting to standing height happens in under 10 seconds, all with whisper quiet operation. 

electric sit stand desk frame

Desky® - Raising the Standard In Standing Desks

Our desk frames are engineered from the toughest materials to provide world beating rigidity and stability. We’ve obsessed over the design of our frame to make sure we are bringing you the most stable, toughest, and hardest wearing frames available. 

The wide engineered steel feet maximise the surface area contacting the ground, locking the entire construction in place. And the rigid build ensures that the whole construction remains completely stable, no matter how much pressure you apply.

The Desky Dual Sit Stand Electric Desk frame has been certified by BIFMA, TÜV Rheinland and UL/CSA.

BIFMA is a widely-recognized testing agency that sets performance standards for office furniture in the United States and Canada.

UL / CSA UL and CSA group have harmonised this standard passing the electrical safety requirements for this desk to operate in the north American and Canadian markets.

TÜV Rheinland tests a variety of products, from consumer electronics to consumer furniture, for safety and quality in the European market.

Desky's electric desk frame has been tested by each of these agencies, ensuring the highest standard of safety and quality. Desky is committed to making sure its products meet the strictest standards so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Optional Cable Management & Power Solutions for Your Entire Setup

Save space and declutter your desktop with Desky's easy to fit Mini Cable and Power Tray, no tools required and comes with predrilled holes on our mini desktops. Featuring cut-out areas that neatly fit multiple power ports will allow you to power up to 6 additional power points. The slim design works well with EzyClip Power Board, allowing you to maximise room for any additional cables or other bulky items.

Mini cable tray

Controlling your Dual Desk

desk height controller
bluetoothBluetooth Connectivity
programmable heightProgrammable Height Limit
preset4 Preset Ability
child lockChild Locking Prevention
usb charge port18W USB-C Fast Charger
Sedentary-ReminderSedentary Reminder
no-tools assembly

Tool free Installation! Refer to instructions for easy assembly.

Pre-drilled inserts provide hassle free assembly, meaning no need for additional tools.
Quickly assemble the frame, adjust to pre-drilled inserts and use the provided hex key to tighten.


Desky Dual Controller Overview



Lifting System

Height Range 23.6" - 49.2" (without desktop)
Gross Weight 36kg
Travel Speed 1.4" per second loaded
Noise Level 40db in motion
Base Width Suits desks 31.5" - 53.1"
Weight Capacity 308.6 lbs

Power Specifications

Input Power 110v
Transformer Power 350W (0.1W on standby)
Cable Management Style Desky Desky Mini Cable and Power Tray recommended
Hand Controller 4 memory presets
Upper & Lower Limits Yes - Programable by user
Overload Protection Yes
mini standing desk frame diagram for small spaces

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of desktops will fit this sit stand desk frame?

This frame will suit desktops 31.5"-43.3" in length and at least 19.7" in depth. We recommend using a desktop that is at least 1" thick to accommodate the wood screws that are included with the frame to attach to your desktop.

If you do not have an existing desktop we can assist with choosing one from the range of premium melamine desktop options or solid wood desktops we have. Please contact us or email directly for a quote and more information.

Are there any colour options for this desk frame?

Yes, we offer this frame in 3 colours: white, matte black and grey. 

What is the weight capacity of this desk frame?

The frame has a weight capacity of 308.6 lbs and this will include the weight of the desktop you choose to attach.  

How many motors are in this standing desk frame?

The desk frame has two motors (one in each leg) that provide a huge lifting capacity of 308.6 lbs and a height range of 23.6"-49.2" to suit any sitting or standing height comfortably. 

Are screws included to attach a desktop to this frame?

Yes, the frame includes 0.6" length woods screws to securely attach to your desktop. We recommend choosing a desktop that is at least 1" thick to allow enough depth for the screws. It is possible to use a thinner desktop but we recommend purchasing shorter screws to accommodate this.  

Is a cable management tray included with this frame?

There is no cable management tray included with this frame but we have a range of cable management solutions to organise and tidy cabling and provide a place to install under desk power solutions. We also have on desk power options to make your desk as functional as possible. Discover how to keep wires in place on a desk with our handy guide, and explore the most common cable management solutions we offer.

How long does it take to assemble?

Assembly will take as little as 20 minutes and the frame can be assembled without needing any power tools. You can do this by yourself but we do recommend having two people to turn the desk over once the desktop is attached and assembly is finished.

For detailed, step by step instructions please watch the assembly video for each desk or refer to the instructions manual included with each desk.

Does the desk have to be plugged in all the time?

We recommend leaving your desk plugged in continuously – the desk has a low draw power supply to help minimise power consumption. 

How thick should a wood tabletop be?

The ideal thickness for a wood tabletop for a standing desk frame can vary depending on the size of the desk and the type of wood used. However, the common thickness range for wood tabletops is between 1" to 1.5". For the Desky Dual Mini Desk Frame, we recommend tabletops with a thickness of at least 1". If you're unsure, check out our guide on the right thickness for your work desktop, to help you.

How do I choose the right frame for my tabletop?

To choose the right standing desk frame for your tabletop, assess the size and weight of your tabletop and select a frame with the appropriate weight capacity and dimensions. This frame, in particular, can accommodate tabletops that are 31.5"-43.3" in length and at least 19.7" in depth. If you're unsure on the next step, our detailed guide on how to attach your tabletop to a desk frame can help you.

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