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  • Desky Sit Stand Pro Active Stool - Desky
  • Desky Sit Stand Pro Active Stool - Desky
  • Desky Sit Stand Pro Active Stool - Desky
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  • Desky Sit Stand Pro Active Stool - Desky
  • Desky Sit Stand Pro Active Stool - Desky
  • Desky Sit Stand Pro Active Stool - Desky

Desky Sit Stand Pro Active Stool


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Desky Sit Stand Pro Active Stool - Desky
Desky Sit Stand Pro Active Stool
10 Year Warranty
Free Shipping
Activate Your Core

Height Range 21.7" - 32.7"
Durable Fabric upholstery
ergonomic stool adjustable
Ergonomic movement
Capacity up to 249.1 lbs

Sit and Stand in Comfort

Our pro active stool is designed to allow a standing posture in comfort. Perch stools are useful for those who spend extended periods standing. They allow you to relieve strain on the legs whilst keeping active.

The weighted base locks the centre of gravity right to the floor. So you can be confident that the stool will not just support your weight. It will keep upright as you lean into it and support even the largest frame. The Pro Active adjustable Stool is also great for active sitting, or environments where you’re frequently moving about. Height can be adjusted effortlessly with the pneumatic lift system. So changing between positions is as easy as possible.

Air-Lift Piston Mechanism
Easy to adjust height
Relieve Foot Pressure
Relieves Sedentary Pressure

America's Favorite Leaning Stool

Ergonomic Position: Easily move up and down to gain your perfect position, ensuring correct posture while standing or sitting. Quality ergonomic chairs and office stools.

Easily Adjust: Simply press the button at the base for a quick release to adjust the height up and down.

Expanded Height Range: select a range of seating positions with a 17cm range of adjustment.

Heavy Duty Base: Keeps you safely upright no matter how much you lean.

Relieve Your Feet

Standing for part of the work day comes with a host of benefits. But being on your feet for too long can lead to sore feet. Our Pro Active Sit Stand Stool allows you to perch as you work, relieving the pressure on your feet and allowing you to stand longer and work harder.

chair mat shape
chair mat dimpled

Active Sitting, Standing And Perching

Changing position during the workday is key to keeping yourself healthy and avoiding pain and strains. Our Sit Stand Pro Active Stool is adaptable enough to be used in sitting, perching, and as a support for standing. That means you can maximise the gains from your sit stand desk in the height of comfort.



Dimensions 410 x 410 x 655 ~ 846mm (16.1" x 16.1" x 25.8~33.3")
Weight Capacity 249.1 lbs

Surface Material Polyester Fibers
Base Type Nylon Plastic Base
office stool diagram

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a sit-stand stool?

The benefits of using a sit-stand stool include promoting dynamic sitting and improving circulation while reducing pressure on the lower back and legs. A sit-stand stool rocks for keeping you moving and boosting blood flow, all while giving your back and legs a break.

If it's got the right ergonomic design, it's a game-changer for back support. Check out our quick reads to learn more about how these stools do wonders for your back and what makes stools ergonomic.

What is the purpose of a drafting chair?

The purpose of a drafting chair is to provide ergonomic support and comfort for tasks that require working on elevated surfaces, such as drafting tables or standing desks. Drafting chairs are designed with features to promote proper posture and reduce strain during precision work, making them essential tools for professionals in various industries.

Visit our articles to learn more about the purpose of drafting chairs and whether drafting stools are comfortable. Additionally, learn how to convert a regular chair into a drafting chair here.