where should your desk be in a bedroom

A desk may be your centre of work and play but finding room for it as well as the perfect desk placement can be a challenge.

Whether it’s your work-from-home space, where you play your favourite video games or just surf the internet, desks are often winding up in bedrooms.

Bedroom desk placement can bring privacy and quiet by simply closing the door, and it takes the desk out of the home’s common spaces such as the living room, kitchen, and dining area. We've also included tips for a small bedroom in this article - some clever positioning of furniture can result in more than enough space for an office space.

Having a home office may have skyrocketed in 2020, but not everyone has moved back to in-person work. Plenty of people enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working at home, either for themselves or others. Others love their gaming, so a desk inside the bedroom is perfect for playing video games with friends. Ideally, working from home would involve a separate and dedicated spot for a mini office, but not everyone has a spacious bedroom or dedicated space for their desk.

If you’re a student, a desk can be your spot for studying, researching classwork, and writing papers, as well as unwinding on the internet with social media or a game. This can be a perfect set-up for college students taking classes online.

Before you create a desk space in your bedroom, start with a bedroom office layout. Consider where your desk should be for optimal use, efficiency, and enjoyment. Here are a few design factors to keep in mind as you create your perfect desk design for your bedroom.

How To Layout Desk In A Bedroom

The layout becomes pivotal while fitting a desk into your bedroom. The placement should ensure ease of use, respect the room's flow, and maintain the sanctuary's tranquility. Ideally, position the desk away from the bed to avoid work invading your relaxation space.

Similarly, consider natural light sources when planning the layout. Position the desk to take advantage of incoming light, or if not possible, ensure adequate artificial lighting. Remember, a well-lit space plus an ergonomic desk can massively increase productivity and overall comfort.

How To Separate Office Desk From Bedroom

Establishing a physical or visual barrier between your workplace and sleeping area tends to be an efficient method. Options such as a room divider or curtain work excellently by providing the ability to conceal the workspace after hours.

In instances where space is a limiting factor, implementing techniques such as a distinct paint color or wallpaper pattern can visually demarcate the two areas. Equally effective, you can split the room using distinctive décor styles corresponding to each section.

Turning A Spare Bedroom Into An Office

Repurposing a spare room into an office doesn’t always require major renovations. Begin by clearing the room to start with a clean slate. Choose colours that boost productivity when deciding on your decor.

Incorporate storage solutions to keep the materials you need within reach but out of view to reduce clutter. Again, opting for ergonomic office furniture, like those from Desky, can provide the functionality and comfort needed for a successful home office.

Which Way Should My Desk Face?

Before moving a desk into your bedroom, you’ll need to decide which way your desk should face. Here are a few factors that will help you make this key decision.


bedroom office desk

Bedroom lighting can be on the dim side since it’s where you’ll relax and sleep. Having the right lighting at a bedroom desk is essential to productivity. Add a desk lamp, a torch floor lamp, or a wall-mounted light fixture to provide more light if needed.

Electrical Outlets

No one wants to trip over extension cords. Your computer will need a power source, so a bedroom desk will need to be close to electrical outlets. Placing a desk along a bedroom wall can put a desk near the power source needed for computers and desk lamps and charging electronic devices.

Window Location

Keep natural lighting in mind, too. Beautiful natural light can be pleasant if your desk is by a bedroom window. You may find that natural light and a lovely view make placing your desk near bedroom windows a plus. If light from a window can be blinding at sunset, consider blinds that will help you control the room’s natural light as well as visual distractions.

How Do I Feng Shui My Office Desk?

Fengshui, the ancient Chinese design philosophy that seeks balance and harmony, is said to increase productivity, good luck, and happiness. Utilising feng shui principles for desk placement can make a pleasant bedroom space.

Having an L-shaped desk in black is best for productivity. Make sure to keep clutter under control, whether you believe in bad feng shui or not. Feng shui experts also say that window and wall position are also important when it comes to a room's feng shui, so make sure you don't face your desk against a solid wall (which can block creativity) if feng shui is a concern!

Best Shape For A Desk

L-shaped desks are remarkably suitable for people who work from home or require extensive storage space. Their unique design offers ample surface area without occupying too much room, making it an excellent choice for those seeking the perfect balance between space and functionality.

Best Shape For Productivity

Variety is the spice of life, and our workspace is no exception! Shifting from traditional rectangular desks to L-shaped desk placements can genuinely make a world of difference.

Notably, L-shaped desks are particularly adept at facilitating meetings and fostering collaboration. Their unique design creates ample desk space to allow for comfortable and effective multitasking, thereby amplifying your productivity.

Why L-Shaped Desks?

  • They save space by fitting perfectly in corners.
  • They offer generous desk area for more work or storage capacity.
  • They are great for multitasking, allowing you to separate your workspace into dedicated zones.

Where To Place Your Desk in Your Bedroom

Circling back to the original question of where to place your desk in your bedroom, there are multiple options for making the most of your space. Depending on the shape and dimensions of your bedroom, these desk locations could be the best options for creating your dedicated spot for desk-based work or play while leaving adequate space for movement as well as other furniture in your bedroom office combination. If you can't quite decide on a desk position or truly have minimal physical space, consider a portable desk with wheels or preferably a foldable one. You can have your desk pushed into a convenient corner when not in used, or pushed to have your desk facing the window while working for maximum window light.

How To Fit A Desk Into A Bedroom

Regardless of how compact your bedroom might be, there are effective ways to incorporate a desk. Positioning your desk neatly in an alcove or a corner portion of the room keeps the main area clutter-free. Opt for an L-shaped or a corner desk for ample workspace that doesn't encroach upon your relaxation zones.

Creating Office Space Within a Small Bedroom

Innovative use of seldom-utilized spaces, like closets, can drastically transform small bedrooms into ergonomic offices. Simple removal of closet door provides the perfect area for setting up your workstation.

It’s a nifty idea to enhance this transformation by adorning your new office area with bright, motivational colors, giving it a distinct flavour from the rest of the room.

Blending Office and Bedroom in Harmony

Combining a bedroom with an office requires tactical delineation of spaces for work and rest. Choose furniture that doubles up for storage and workplace efficiency. A wall-mounted fold-away desk or a budget-friendly lap desk facilitates workspace setup without overtaking your relaxation space.

At The Window

desk beside a window

Placing your desk beside a window can provide natural light and a beautiful view, but make sure seeing the outdoors and other people won’t be possibly distracting during the workday. Also, glare from windows, background noise from outside, and drafts during the winter should be considered before you move a desk beside a bedroom window.

However, care must be taken if bright light from the window causes screen glare. While some prefer wall-facing desks for better focus, others find desks facing the room more welcoming. Overall, ensure that the placement enhances harmony and function in the room. This balance allows you to dwell and work in a space that fosters productivity without compromising comfort.

Against The Wall

If you're applying feng shui principles to your desk position, feng shui holds that desks shouldn’t face a wall for fear of the wall symbolizing career roadblocks. However, being beside a wall has the advantages of being close to an electrical outlet and having a place for hanging a calendar, whiteboard, shelves, or art. You could also have a wall-mounted desk, but it would be a smaller workspace.

If facing a wall makes you feel claustrophobic, add a motivational painting or mirror, or position yourself with a window to your side.

Near or At The Foot Of The Bed

Putting a desk next to the bed can add to accessibility and may be a smart option if a desk for a small bedroom space is required.. Having a desk beside your bed can be too much of a blend of work and rest for some.

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During the workday, being beside your bed can make taking a nap tempting. Having work or studies too close to where you sleep can lead to insomnia, so keep them separate to see sleep quality improved. If you put a desk opposite your bed, you can keep your bed out of sight, especially if you have the bedroom space to place a screen between your desk and bed.

Zoning a Bedroom Office

To zone a bedroom office effectively, establish physical or visual boundaries. Apart from using color coding or different wallpapers to segregate spaces, consider strategic furniture placement. Facing the desk away from the bed can help maintain a psychological separation between work and rest areas.

Functional Zoning Tips

  • Place your desk near a window; natural light enhances mood and productivity.

  • Use light, breathable curtains for windows to maintain a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Bookshelves or screens can provide an efficient physical divider.

Position Your Desk in a Corner

bedroom desk in a corner

An L-shaped desk can shine in a corner, giving you easy access as well as a larger working surface and efficient use of space for a work environment. Having a desk in a corner can keep a small bedroom from feeling cluttered. Just make sure there’s adequate lighting if your bedroom corner’s dark. Floating shelves are also a great option when it comes to L-shaped desks.

    To control desktop clutter, add baskets, a cup for pens, and other organizers. Shelves or a credenza can hold books, work supplies, and other essentials in order to save space. To make your bedroom a dedicated workspace separate from your sleeping area, consider a folding screen so your bed won't be too distracting. Make the space feel like a separate work space with paint, wallpaper, or artwork. Add a plant and a favourite mug or water bottle to make your space and external surroundings personal and pleasant.

    Putting a desk in a bedroom can be a space-saving solution when you have limited space. Whether your entire desk space is for work, study, paying bills, or playing games online, having a dedicated spot for it in the bedroom can be a fabulous idea. With more people working or studying from home, dedicated desk space in a bedroom makes living space extremely functional despite the significantly smaller workspace. A monitor arm can also raise your computer screen to an ergonomic height as well as free up space on your full sized desk.

    Keeping personal preferences, space, lighting, electrical outlets, extra space and window locations in mind will help you find the best place for your desk in your bedroom. Make sure you leave enough of a separation, visual or physical, between desk and bed to make your small space effective for work or fun for play while still being a restful place for sleep.

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