What is the ideal desk size for gaming setup?

Today's gaming environments demand the perfect balance between functionality and comfort. Choosing the ideal desk size forms a major part of this process.

Ergonomic gaming setups significantly influence gaming performance. Let's break down some key points to remember when determining the most suitable desk size for a gaming setup.

Some Quick Tips for Gaming Table Sizing

Choosing the size of a gaming desk can be influenced by a couple of handy guidelines. Standard desk sizes usually span from 48" to 60" in width and 24" to 30" in depth.

These dimensions provide ample space for monitor(s), keyboards, mice, other gaming accessories, and some leeway for personal desk space. But your gaming gear's layout and the features of the ideal gaming desk should determine the most suitable desk size for your needs.

  • Measure your space
  • Factor in your equipment size
  • Think about your gaming needs

Consider Your Monitors

A vital aspect to consider is your gaming screen's size. Standard PC monitors usually range from 22" – 30" diagonally, equating to approximately 19" – 26" width. For dual monitor setups, one would require a desk width estimated between 40" – 60".

Monitor width—and by association, desk width—is a variable to be aware of, especially for gaming enthusiasts who prefer high-resolution, multi-monitor setups.

The desk size will need to be in line with the gaming gear you require, and it can be even more ergonomic with a height-adjustable gaming desk.

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Minimum Desk Sizes For Gaming

Desk Depth Minimum

Depth-wise, gaming desks need a sufficient surface area to accommodate game peripherals. A depth of 24 inches serves as a reasonable minimum, allowing you to place a keyboard and mousepad side by side and still have room in front for screens or speakers.

What Is the Ideal Desk Depth for Gaming?

A 30-inch desk sits at the upper end of this range, allowing extra space, which can be especially beneficial for gaming setups where extra depth can provide optimal distance from the monitor, aiding in reducing eye strain. This measurement offers ample room for maximized comfort and efficiency in gaming and overall comfort.

Gaming On A 30-Inch Deep Desk

A standard rule of thumb when selecting a gaming desk is to ensure there's ample room for all your gear. Game consoles, gaming PCs, dual monitor setups, and various gaming accessories each require their own designated spaces to optimize your gaming experience.

A desk exhibiting dimensions of 60 x 30 inches (Width x Depth) generally provides sufficient room for these components. A 30 inch deep desk provides enough space to position your monitor at a comfortable viewing distance, contributing to a more immersive gaming experience.

Benefits of Sufficient Desk Depth:

  • Healthy posture: enables the proper alignment of your back, neck, and shoulders, preventing any undue strain.
  • Optimal vision: maintains the right distance between your eyes and screen, avoiding vision fatigue.
  • Adequate space: provides enough room for all your gaming gear.

Desk Width Minimum

The standard widths for office desks fluctuate between 40 inches to 72 inches, with the most preferred measurement landing at 60 inches.

While deciding on size, it is essential to note that the least functional width of a desk must not fall below 40 inches. To maintain functionality, this should be heeded and only applicable if you need a very compact setup.

What Is the Ideal Desk Width for Gaming?

The ideal size for the average gamer with multiple peripherals, perhaps an xbox and a gaming pc would be 60 inches.

Is a 40-inch desk enough for gaming?

Commonly, gaming requires space for multiple monitors, gaming gear, and, of course, the gamer. As such, the question at hand is: is a 40-inch desk large enough for these requirements?

Most small desks measure less than 40 inches in width, which can be an ideal fit for compact rooms, dormitories, or apartments. These desks usually serve one monitor setups adequately.

In terms of dimensions, desks sized between 40 and 60 inches are considered medium. These sizes are the norm and work best in standard sized rooms.

40 inch desk for 2 monitor setup

For those considering postulating a two monitor setup, it might be valuable to investigate whether a 40-inch desk provides sufficient room for comfortable gaming. Utilize a desk that spans approximately 50 inches to comfortably accommodate two monitors.

Ideally, you'd want something larger than 50 inches, ensuring that there's ample room for other gaming devices and gear. Our Desky Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk as well as the Desky Alpha Dual Sit Stand Gaming Desk can be a good choice for such requirements.

Check out Jordan Kahu's Desky Alpha Dual Sit Stand Gaming Desk review.

Evaluating a 60+ inch Desk for Gaming

A gaming setup on a 60-inch desk enters the realm of luxurious comfort. This desk size provides substantial space for gaming monitors, consoles, keyboards, and other gaming equipment.

Such desks have immense space capabilities, whether it's accommodating larger, intensive gaming monitors, housing game consoles, or just providing ample space for gaming peripherals like keyboards, mice, and controllers.

Such spaciousness makes it possible to enjoy gaming, but personal comfort and spatial limitations should also influence this decision. Check out our recommendations for the best gaming desks for smaller spaces.

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How To Save Space at Gaming Desk

Gaming doesn’t require a palatial desk; rather, smart utilization of the available space does the trick. A sturdy monitor stand, for instance, can play a transformative role.

Adding a vertical dimension to your setup not only saves space but also provides a more comfortable gaming experience. According to WebMD, elevated screens prevent undue neck strain and promote better eye health by maintaining an optimal viewing angle.

Multi-level monitor stands offer a multi-layered storage solution, allowing you to strategically place vital gaming equipment. They provide easy access to essentials while decluttering your desk, making your gaming space more organized and efficient.

Manipulating Limited Space for a Complete Gaming Setup

Ideal desk setup for gaming

Managing a comprehensive gaming setup in a confined space often involves innovative techniques. A floating gaming platform is a great solution, making the most of small areas and often overlooked wall corners. When sourcing a platform that fits your space perfectly, always measure before you buy.

Pro Tips for a Floating Gaming Setup

  • Choose a corner with minimal distractions for an immersive gaming experience.
  • Make sure your chosen location doesn't obstruct in-room movement or interfere with furniture.
  • Ensure the platform is securely mounted for the safety of your valued equipment.

How To Organize Your Desk For Gaming?

Organizing your gaming equipment is key to a clutter-free desk. Use smaller storage solutions like desk organizers, mini drawers, and cup holders for items such as pens, sticky notes, and earbuds.

For larger gear like controllers, headphones, and SSDs, consider vertical hanging solutions or under-desk drawers. A clean and organized workspace also boosts mental health, according to Psychology Today.

Smart Organization Tips:

  • Label storage boxes for easy identification.
  • Keep a list of essentials for quick access.
  • Regularly declutter to maintain a serene gaming environment.


To summarise, the ideal desk size for your gaming setup could greatly influence your gaming experience. It depends on several factors including monitor size, the number of monitors, your specific gaming gear, and available space.

Ensuring that your desk fits comfortably with your gaming gear and personal comfort will enhance your productivity and gaming performance.

Remember, a well-designed gaming environment offers not only physical comfort but also helps in maintaining focus, thereby enhancing gaming skills. Dive into the world of efficient gaming with a Desky desk, designed for optimal comfort and performance.

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