Which way should a desk face in a home office?
Understanding the best positioning of a desk in your home office can dramatically enhance productivity, comfort, and satisfaction in your workday. As the leading specialist in ergonomic office furniture, we at Desky will unveil the most optimal arrangements for your work area.

Which direction should a work desk face at home?

According to Vastu, the most propitious direction to place your work desk at home would be towards the south, west, or southwest. Concurrently, your desk should angle itself to ensure you face northeast while working.

This setup facilitates for uninterrupted sunlight to stream in, uplifting the workspace and keeping you revitalized. Key points in these aspects of the desk direction include:

  • Orient the desk southwards, westwards, or to the southwest
  • Ensure you face northeast when seated
  • Position the desk to allow sunlight to permeate the workspace
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Which way should a desk face in an office?

For best placement within a conventional office, adopting the principles of Feng Shui could be beneficial. Your office desk should adopt the "command position", such as the placement of our Corner Standing Desks | L-Shaped Sit Stand Desks, with the desk facing, but not directly aligned with, the doorway.

This position denotes authority and minimizes the element of surprise, enabling you to visualize anyone entering the office.

  • Position the desk to face the door without direct alignment
  • Maintain a clear view of anyone entering the office

Where is the best place to put a desk in a home office?

The ideal placement of a desk in a home office undoubtedly hinges on proximity to natural light. Position your desk near a natural light source, ideally close to a window.

However, should this result in distraction, configuring your desk perpendicular to the window can do wonders for productivity levels.

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Should my desk face the window or wall?

While a scenic window view can be inviting, most design experts suggest that placing the desk against the window, centered within the room and oriented towards the entrance, can prove advantageous.

A desk like our Desky Dual Rubberwood Sit Stand Desk would work perfectly with this arrangement as it facilitates easier view of anyone who enters or leaves the office whilst mitigating distractions from the exterior world.


Optimizing desk positioning within your home office fundamentally can augment productivity, work efficiency, and general satisfaction.

Whether adhering to the principles of Vastu or Feng Shui, positioning towards a natural light source, or determining whether to face the window or the wall, manifold factors contribute to creating the perfect workspace.

Tailoring these elements to your unique needs will ensure that you experience the joy and satisfaction of working in a well-designed and ergonomically optimized home office.

Choose Desky for comprehensive ergonomic office solutions that champion both your wellness and work efficiency. From optimal desk placement advice to high-quality office furniture, we have you covered.

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