How do I prop up my laptop?

Seated for hours behind a screen? Learn surprising and simple ways to lift your laptop for better posture!

With innovative methods to keep your laptop elevated, this guide will help you optimize your workflow while maintaining good body mechanics. So let's get straight into it!

What can I use to prop up my laptop?

Elevating your laptop should be an integral part of your workspace plan for comfort, efficiency, and health reasons. The market offers options like adjustable laptop stands, with multiple angles to fit your viewing preferences.

However, ordinary resources like books or sturdy boxes can serve as a practical and cost-effective alternative.

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Should you prop up your laptop?

Absolutely yes! Positioning your laptop flat on your desk can lead to straining your back, shoulders, and neck due to hunching over to see and type.

If you're using your laptop for extended periods, you should elevate your screen, and incorporate an external keyboard and mouse that can be positioned at elbow level or lower for maximum comfort with the help of this Desky guide on ergonomic setup. Pain in your back, shoulder, or neck? An elevated laptop could be the solution!

How to prop up your laptop

How can I raise my laptop without a stand?

Think outside the box - or rather, the laptop stand! When a stand isn't readily available, liftable items around your house such as books or boxes can play a pivotal role. Creating a sturdy stack to hold your laptop off your desk can significantly improve your posture while typing and viewing your screen.

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How much should I elevate my laptop?

Eye level should be your goal when raising your laptop. Specifically, aim for the top third of your screen to naturally meet your gaze when you're looking straight ahead.

A laptop stand or a stack of sizable books can easily achieve this standard, providing a stable support surface for your laptop - about a few inches above your workspace.


Addressing questions like, How do I prop up my laptop?, shouldn't be overwhelming. Elevating laptops has immediate benefits - from preventing neck and shoulder strain to promoting better working posture. Items around your house, such as books or boxes, can serve as an effective laptop stand alternative.

Remember that the top third of your laptop screen should align with your natural eye level for maximum comfort during extended use. Happier typing and healthier posturing awaits you with these simple ergonomic solutions in your workspace setup! Returning to the essentials with Desky can help activate your workspace for a new kind of experience.

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