How do I mount a monitor that is not VESA compatible?

Welcome to Desky, your trusted resource for ergonomic office furniture solutions. Today, we'll answer a common question: "How do I mount a monitor that is not VESA compatible?" Let's dive in!

What to do if your monitor doesn’t have VESA mount?

Your monitor’s lack of a VESA mount doesn’t mean it has to remain desk-bound. Luckily, non-VESA monitor adapters exist, designed specifically to connect monitors without the VESA standard to mounting solutions.

With this tool, your non-VESA-compliant monitor will work with various high-quality Desky monitor arms.

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Selecting a Non-VESA Monitor Adapter

When choosing your adapter, compatibility with your particular brand and model is key. It's important to check your adapter's specifications to ensure a perfect fit. Now, suppose your monitor lacks VESA compatibility.

In that case, you do have a way to affix your screen to an arm or wall mount, ensuring ergonomic positioning and a clean desk aesthetic.

Can you add a VESA mount to a monitor?

Absolutely! VESA adapters provide a harmonious union between your non-VESA monitor and a standard VESA mount. These adapters, carefully crafted for various monitor models, including HP, MAC, Samsung, Dell and more, create a seamless connection with your VESA mount.

By exploring adapters, you’ll certainly find one suitable to convert your non-compliant monitor into a VESA-ready one.

Are some monitors not mountable?

Most modern monitor models feature VESA compliance, permitting easy mounting on wall or desk mounts. In some instances, brands may sell monitors without the standard VESA pattern on the back.

Rest assured, these monitors can still benefit from VESA mounting solutions. All they require is an appropriate VESA adapter, converting them into compatible units.

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Can all monitors be VESA mounted?

In general, yes, most monitors can be mounted on a monitor arm. Monitors typically have the standard VESA hole pattern of 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm on the back for attaching to a monitor arm. Even if your monitor doesn’t, an adapter can allow for mountability with a monitor arm, enhancing its integratable usability.


In summary, a monitor's compatibility with a VESA mount can be attained either directly or through an adapter. As the world of ergonomic office solutions evolves, Desky is dedicated to providing you with innovative solutions meeting your specific needs.

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