Can you put a PC inside a desk?
Addressing a common question on the minds of computer users exploring furniture arrangements, this article provides an in-depth investigation into if and how one can position a PC inside a desk.

Can I situate my PC in my desk?

While the placement of your machine may not be a critical issue, what remains crucial is ensuring good airflow. Your computer station needs unblocked airflow in both the front and back, and some models even require a flow from the bottom.

Placements like inside a desk cabinet, for instance, should be reconsidered if it obstructs airflow especially if your PC needs bottom ventilation.

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Can I station my PC on a wooden desk?

Building a PC on a wooden desk proves a viable option. Ensure that the desk chosen is robust and can accommodate your PC's components. Additional considerations should range from space for expansion to safety measures like the inclusion of an anti-static mat or wristband, which may prevent any static electricity from damaging your machine's delicate electrical components.

Under desk PC setup using CPU holder

Can I nest my PC tower in a cabinet?

Situating your computer tower inside a cabinet is certainly possible. However, ensuring the cabinet provides proper ventilation is paramount. Undertake some careful planning to ensure your cabinet provides the necessary room and airflow to prevent overheating and throttling.

One way to optimize the space and ventilation of your cabinet is to use a sliding CPU mount such as the Desky Sliding CPU Mount. This is a device that attaches your computer tower to the underside of your desk or cabinet, allowing you to slide it in and out as needed.

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Can I locate my PC on a metal desk?

There's no restriction against placing your PC on a metal desk. The main consideration here is to ensure there are no electronic issues. Installation on a metal surface is generally safe provided you don't experience any electric shock or tingling sensation when touching the metal desk or the PC case.


The quest to understand if one can put a PC inside a desk reveals several facets of consideration. Primarily, it's not so much about where the PC is placed, but rather managing factors surrounding placement. Consistent ventilation, adequate space, and elimination of static electricity play vital roles in ensuring a healthy machine which provides unswerving service in return.
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