How To Program The Desky’s One Touch To Continuous Touch Setting

In order to program the preset buttons from a one touch to a continuous press on your Desky Dual's control panel, you’ll simply need to follow these easy steps. If you’re still confused, we’ve got a helpful video that shows you exactly how to do it.

Whether it’s for your peace of mind, safety (those curious cats and kiddos!), or simply your own preferred method of use, you are able to change the height preset buttons from that one button press activation to a continuous press so you’ll never move your desk height by accident.

Then the preset will stop at that programmed height, but will require you to hold down that preset button until that height is reached.

Check out our video demo on how to change the one touch preset setting to a continuous touch setting on your Desky Dual:

How To Program The One Touch Preset Setting To A Continuous Touch Setting on the Desky Dual

  1. First and foremost, in any programming situation ensure all the cables to the control box under the Desky are firmly plugged in. Including the power cable, both yellow leg cables and the control panels.
  2. Then check the power outlet at the wall to ensure the securing place and switch on.
  3. Next, make sure there are no obstacles under your Desky as we will be bringing it down to its lowest height.
  4. To enter this program, press and hold the down button to bring the Desky to its lowest position.
  5. Once there press and hold the down button again until it displays RST.
  6. Next, press and hold the 1 button for 5 seconds until the display shows 10.2 and you are now going to change the setting to a continuous press.
  7. You will be able to switch back and forth between continuous or 10.1 which is the one-touch press setting by holding the 1 button.
  8. In order to exit the program mode, press the down arrow until the Desky bops up and down for a second, displays the lowest height, and your desk is now ready to be used. And that is how you change the preset functions from a one-touch to a continuous press on your Desky Dual's control panel.

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The Desky Dual Standing Desk – Features and Specs

  • Height range of 23.62-49.21in
  • Weight capacity of up to 308.65lb
  • Height adjustment movement of 36mm/second
  • Dual motor lifting system
  • 10-year warranty on parts
  • Anti-collision system
  • Noise reduction at 40db in motion for almost-silence lifting
  • Features stability and strength in our heavy-duty desk frame
  • 3 stage telescopic legs

Do you work more productively when standing up for a few hours? With the Desky Dual Electric Desk, easily switching from sitting to standing won't be an issue anymore. Our dual lifting motor is smooth and easy to use, meaning you can adjust your height without any difficulties or issues with a mere tap of a preset button. Working and standing at whatever height suits you best, our desk will allow you to get in some healthy movement while still remaining productive at work. Forget about sitting all day long - now you have the option to stand up if it suits your needs better.

At Desky, we know you need a table that can withstand whatever you're throwing at it. Are you addicted to your job? Or do you love gaming and need a dedicated gaming desk that can withstand energetic movements at the height of those gaming battles? The Desky Dual Electric Standing Desk has got durability and stability features like no other. Heavy-duty construction, 3 stage telescopic legs, and durable desk tops mean this desk will outlast even those most excited gamers.

But what if you’re looking for customisation options? Most people want their office to look professional. That’s why we offer a number of beautiful options for our Desky Dual: perfect whether you want something sophisticated and sleek or a vibrant and eye-catching hardwood desktop finish!

Still looking and can’t decide? If you need a comparison of our top desk models, take a look at our Desk Buying Guide - we wrote it to help you choose the best desk for your space.

We think the Desky Dual is perfect for you if:

  • Desk customisation is important to you
  • You'd like to save time with fast desk height adjustments and presets
  • You need an ergonomic desk that suits a wide range of user heights
  • Your office desk has to bear heavy equipment (up to 308.65lb possible)

Ultimately, who could resist the conversion of their workspace on a single push of a button? Make sure your workstation is always as comfortable as you want it - with this desk every day will feel like a Friday! Check out the full range of Desky desks here and find the perfect sit stand desk for your office space.

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