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Any gamer knows that the right setup can make all the difference in the hyper-competitive world of online gaming. Whether you’re a hobbyist or an aspiring pro, you still want the gaming desk that allows you to be at your best. A gaming desk that works the best for you and your style is key. Only then you can you fully relax and do your best gaming.

Of all setups, gaming desktops are the hardest to get right. You need a safe cool spot for your gaming PC. You want your pc setup for the best gaming performance. The placement of your monitors is killer. But of course, the positioning of your keyboard and mouse pad is also important. You want your audio equipment placed so you get the full immersive experience. And all of this arranged in a way that gives you the maximum flexibility and access.

And there are so many types of gaming desk to choose from. Some people will prefer a normal gaming desk, some will opt for an L shaped desk, and for others stand up gaming desks will be best. Then you need to consider your cable management. And that's only the beginning.

Because as important as both performance and your gaming experience undoubtedly are, they’re not the only things you need to bear in mind when putting together your gaming desk.

Because along with the growing popularity of sports, we've seen a marked increase in gaming-related injuries. A range of RSI and postural problems have been associated with extended periods spent gaming. Carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, mouse elbow, lower back problems and sciatica are just a handful of the ailments gamers have reported.

The good news is, by designing your gaming set up with ergonomic principles in mind, and choosing the right desk, you can greatly minimise the risk of strain and injury. Meaning you will be able to carry on gaming for years to come. The bad news is, however, that balancing all of these priorities won’t be easy. And that’s exactly why we prepared this guide to help you achieve your best gaming desk setup.

Equipment You Need To Be A Gamer

Starting from ground zero in the gaming journey might feel intimidating. However, with the right support, every amateur gamer can set out on the right track. There are quintessential pieces of equipment that serve as foundational stones in any gamer’s toolbox.

Besides the computer, gamers need controllers, a headset, a well-optimized keyboard, and a mouse. Every component is a stepping stone in the journey of becoming a well-versed gamer. A space to store these critical items, such as a under desk storage drawer can assist with keeping your setup tidy and organized.

What's Needed For A Gaming Setup?

While assembling a gaming setup may seem daunting, a systematic approach can simplify it. This involves choosing suitable equipment, setting up your workspace optimally, and arranging your devices and accessories for easy access.

Comfortable furniture, like an ergonomic L-shaped sit stand desk and chair, ensures that gamers do not suffer from strains and discomfort during extended hours of gameplay.

If your preference is more storage and organization, incorporating desk drawer units into your setup could be beneficial. Besides the gear, soundproofing and lighting are essential aspects that enhance the experience.

What is the Best Desk for Gaming?

Best desk setup for gaming and work

If you've ever tried to game with your old computer desk, you'll know what we mean. The one thing you can’t do without when building your set up is a great desk. After all, this will provide the foundation for all of your equipment, and so, just like building a house, you need to get this fundamental element right. Only then can you get the best gaming experience from your setup.

With so many gaming desks available, which to choose? The best gaming desk will be the one that works best for you. There are lots of things options and things to consider when choosing your game desk.

How To Choose A Gaming Table

Selecting a gaming desk isn't as simple as picking the most eye-catching product; it's about optimizing your gaming setup. Here are a few things you should look for:

  • Space: You'll want a desk broad enough to accommodate multiple screens, oversized keyboards, a mouse pad,and other accessories with room to spare.
  • Storage: The ideal gaming desk will feature storage solutions that keep all your gear organized and within easy reach.

Difference Between Gaming Table vs. Normal Table

When evaluating a standard desk against a gaming desk, the difference lies mainly in the available space. Normal desks often have limited surface areas, whereas a dedicated gaming desk offers a much larger area.

These roomy designs accommodate multiple screens and bulky hardware and allow for additions such as controller stands and headset holders. So, gaming desks not only provide more space but also offer more versatility for complex setups.

Desky Single Sit Stand Gaming Desks with their added features and stability, reflect a great example of this versatility.

How Long Should My Gaming Desk Be?

Maximising the surface area and desk space available to you is key when deciding on a setup, and when choosing a gaming desk. You need to leave ample room on your gaming desk for the mouse and keyboard, extra controllers, and anything else you might want handy for an extended period of gaming.

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This leads to L shaped gaming desks. They have a whole other surface where you can attach or place an extra computer monitor, or anything else you might need. But for those who prefer a normal gaming desk configuration, you can increase the surface area of your gaming station using monitor arms.

Point Of L-Shaped Desks

These desks are a triumph of practical design—a perfect marriage of form and function. An L-shaped desk offers generous workspace without you needing to strain to reach your essentials. Simply swivel your office chair, and you'll find all your work tools within reach. No need to hunch over or stretch—everything's easily accessible!

Happiness is an arm’s length away

Efficiency shoots up when you can effortlessly access your files, documents, and tech gadgets without the need to rise from your seat. The unique layout of an L-shaped desk transforms the way you organise and interact with your workspace.

Most Efficient Desk Shape

Think flexibility; think L-shaped desks. These desks harmonize ergonomics with productivity, allowing you to set up a beneficial and efficient workstation. You can comfortably position your computer, accessories, and chair for optimum working conditions. The configuration even makes transitioning from sitting to standing positions a breeze, making it an essential choice for an ergonomic office setup.

Best Way To Utilize An L-shaped Desk

Consider dedicating different sections of the desk to varied tasks. For instance, use one side for computer-related activities while keeping the other free for paperwork or meetings. Such an arrangement helps streamline workflows. Aesthetically, too, you can design your desk to reflect your personal style or align with your profession's demands.

Desk management made easy

Optimizing space utilization is key to desk management. With an L-shaped desk, you'll have the freedom to allocate designated spots for unique tasks, improving your overall workflow. It can result in an efficient and visually appealing workspace.

Disadvantages Of Corner Desks

Have you ever felt constrained by the gap that two surfaces create when they join in a corner desk? Some find this setup uncomfortable. Although corner desks provide ample space for work, they can also consume unnecessary space behind your work equipment.

Is A Sit/Stand Gaming Desk Worth It?

The answer to this question is to some extent down to preference. Some gamers just don’t enjoy gaming standing up, and so for them of course, it is not. However, the benefits of standing desks are clear for all to see, especially for those of us who spend extended periods of time at our gaming desks.

With gaming-related injuries on the rise, a standing desk could be the difference between you gaming long term or retiring early. The most common ailments amongst gamers are postural, caused by spending long periods in one position. And an adjustable height desk could help prevent this. The ability to change positions allows you to change the muscle groups being used and relieve strain, lowering the risk of injury significantly.

But that’s not all an adjustable height gaming desk could offer to your set up. Changing position and spending at least some of your time upright promotes blood flow, lessening fatigue and increasing focus. Many gamers now prefer to stand and game as it's also easier to switch from monitor to monitor. And if you’re worried that changing position will affect your gaming, you shouldn’t. Standing desks are designed to transition smoothly in seconds, so the only difference you’ll notice is the height.

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Cable Management

A good set up will require it’s fair share of cabling, so choosing a gaming desk with cable management built-in is a great idea. Not only does cabling completely kill the look of your set up: it’s also a real hazard. The last thing you want to be doing it tripping headlong into your new gaming desk, so make sure your cables are properly packed away. If you have a desk already, you can buy cable management systems on their own.

How To Organize Desk Cables Efficiently

Organizing desk cables doesn't have to be a difficult task. The first step in dealing with disorder is to unplug everything and lay out all your cables. Assess them methodically while sorting them according to use. Things like chargers, USB cables, and HDMI cables can each form distinct sets.

After sorting, begin by plugging in and routing your most used cables in a way that reduces clutter and keeps your desk clean. Use a combination of cable ties and cable clips to keep your cords grouped together and to guide them towards their respective devices.

Concealing Computer Cords on the Desk

Once your cables are well organized, you might still want to enhance the aesthetics of your desk by keeping them out of sight. To do this, invest in a cable management tray that can be attached to your sit stand desk and keep your cables hidden away.

Another option involves using adhesive cable raceways that can be attached to the back of your desk or to the wall, guiding your cords in a concealed manner. For monitor cords, particularly, consider a monitor arm with integrated cable management to keep them concealed yet within reach.

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Monitor Arms

Monitor arms offer so much that they are almost essential in our book. They allow you to free up valuable desktop space, as your monitor or monitors are no longer sitting on there. More importantly, though they allow you way more flexibility of positioning, so you can position them not close to, but exactly where you need them. With multiple monitors, you can achieve a near endless amount of combinations.

What is the Best Ergonomic Chair for Gaming?

Whether you’re sitting the whole time or mixing it up, your gaming computer chair is just as important as your gaming desk. To enjoy your gaming the most you want a chair so comfortable you hardly notice your sitting down at all. You need flexibility of movement, especially if you plan to use multiple screens. And of course, you want something that looks great with your desktop and set up.

Below are just a few of the things to look for when choosing a gaming chair. See our Choosing An Ergonomic Chair guide for more info.

Full Range of Movement and Tilt

Even though we know the game isn’t real, most of us will react physically, as if it is. If you’ve ever jumped back in your seat while gaming or leaned into a corner on a racing game, you know what I’m talking about. So movement isn’t just important, it’s part of the experience.

If you have multiple monitors, the action can be coming from all sides. So a key consideration when choosing your gaming chair is the range and ease of movement it allows. Ideally, you don’t want to be leaping out of your seat or twisting your spine to switch screens. Normal office chairs simply won't do it. You need a chair with full and smooth swivel action, as well as tilt for when you rock backwards or forwards, is essential.

Fully Adjustable

To achieve the perfect position, you need a chair that has a full range of adjustable parameters. You need an adjustable height seat, adjustable back height, and lumbar support, so you can find the optimum position for both your gaming and your spine.

Ergonomic Design and Lumbar Support

There’s no doubt that choosing a chair designed with your body in mind will benefit you, your gaming, and your well-being. Comfort is essential if you are to enjoy your gaming to the fullest. But so is protecting your body from the rigours of gaming. A chair that allows you to sit in the most natural position, and offers lumbar support, will help to prevent the postural problems seen among many gamers and esports professionals.

How Do You Set Up A Gaming Desk?

Setting up the best gaming desk

As no two gaming setups and no two gaming desks are identical, there’s no one answer we can give you to this question. How exactly you set up will depend on many factors, including where your gaming desk will live, your specific gaming needs, and your budget.

Below are just a few of the things to think about when choosing a gaming desk, to help you find the ultimate setup:

Gaming Desktop

When choosing your gaming desktop, tread carefully. Gaming desks need to take a lot of punishment. So even safety glass might not be up to the job. Make sure your desktop is tough, and doesn't damage easily. Assuming you can't afford carbon fiber, a solid wooden desk is normally the toughest and most stable option.

Know Your Space

The size and scope of your set up will of course be defined by the space you have available. However, there are a few things you can do to maximise your space. Top of the list is the L shaped desk, which is ideal if you have a corner space available, allowing you to maximise the capacity of your gaming room.

Also consider how much available room on the desktop you require. If you don’t have enough space for an L shaped corner desk, you could consider elevating your monitors to open up desk space.

Think About Comfort

Comfort, and your wellbeing, should be at the forefront of your thinking. After all, there’s no point in building a set up which you can no longer use because you’re injured. Using a sit-stand desk can be a huge help in keeping yourself free of strains and injuries. It also allows you to keep the blood pumping and the metabolism active, keeping you alert and focused.

Invest in Cable Management

Cabling is essential, but it’s also much better out of sight. Investing in a desk with a cable management system built-in saves a huge amount of time and hassle inventing your own, and prevents the risk of tripping, or worse … the power being cut mid-session. It also makes the area around your desk much easier to clean, and looks way better that way.

Expert Tips to Manage Computer Cables

Correctly managing your computer cables is more than just about tidiness or aesthetics; it's also about efficiency and longevity. Remember to label both ends of each cable, especially if you frequently switch out or add devices. Avoid bending cables sharply or tying them too tightly, as this can damage them over time. Finally, make use of velcro straps instead of plastic ties, as they offer easy adjustability, are reusable and are gentle on your cables.

Handling Setup Cable Management

Whether you're setting up a home office or a professional studio, managing your setup cables makes for an energizing and productive environment. Always start with a cable management plan—know where your outlets are, where you want your devices to be, and route your cables accordingly.

Use cable grommets for passing cables through your desk without causing damage. Opt for modular socket solutions, which offer the flexibility to add or remove ports as per your needs.

Think About Your Extras

You've left space for your mouse pad. But what about your gaming headsets, headphone holders, the charging station, a cup holder, a camera for streaming: there's a whole host of extras you might want to accommodate, so make sure you have space for everything before you commit to a gaming desk.

What Do Gamers Need

Success in gaming leans heavily on an array of elements. All aspects, from the physical setup to the gaming paraphernalia, coalesce to create an environment that propels a gamer to new heights.

For a gaming setup, ergonomics reign supreme. A suitable height adjustable gaming desk, along with a headset stand, strategic lighting plans, and a reliable power strip, contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience.

Additionally, specialized tools such as mousepads, soundproofing, and efficient cable management systems add an extra layer of convenience for gamers. Ultimately, comfort and seamless functionality are instrumental, and an ergonomic gaming chair plays a pivotal role in achieving this.

Most Important Thing For Gamers

Performance, comfort, audio, and creativity are some of the key factors for choosing gaming gear. You need gear that can handle demanding games without compromising speed, stability, or temperature.

You also need gear that fits your body and posture, especially for long gaming sessions. A quality gaming chair, desk, and input device can make a big difference. Moreover, you need gear that enhances the sound quality and clarity of your games, as well as your communication with other players.

A good gaming headset, speaker, or soundbar can do that. Of course, these are not the only things to consider, and you may have other preferences or needs based on your gaming style, platform, or budget. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the gaming experience.

How Can I Improve My Gaming Setup?

If still using an old computer desk, then buying a new desk is a must. If you already have a setup that you’re looking to upgrade, or if your current desktop is simply irreplaceable, you might want to consider buying a standing desk frame to fit it to. Yes, they can be purchased as a stand-alone item. Generally very easy to fit, you could transform your gaming desk.

If space is an issue on your gaming desk, elevating your monitors could well be the solution you’re looking for. Not only do you get more space: there’s a whole host of other benefits. Which leads us neatly to our next point.

How Do You Set Up A Display For A Gaming Desk?

Setting up your monitors is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when building your set up. Your positioning will depend on how many monitors will be used on the gaming desk. If you’re only using one, of course, it’s a little simpler, but there is still a lot to think about.

In terms of your main (or only) monitor, it should always be set up so it is on your direct eye level and directly in front of you as you will be facing the desk. You want the monitor to be about an arm’s length from your eyes. A monitor arm will give you more flexibility, help with your cable management, and free up space on your desk or desks. If you use a multi-monitor setup, they really come into their own, but they are just as useful with single monitor setups.

How To Make Desk Comfortable For Gaming

When embarking on long battle marathons, it's essential to integrate ergonomics into your game station. Appreciate the importance of maintaining a posture that is both relaxed and ergonomically supportive to alleviate unnecessary body strain. Invest in an ergonomic seating solution such as the ones from Desky. Align your chair height, allowing your feet to lightly touch the floor and your knees to form a perfect 90-degree bend.

How To Sit At Desk When Gaming

Screen positioning plays a pivotal role in gaming comfort. Your monitor or TV should sit roughly 2 feet away from your eyes, with the screen centre at approximately eye level.

Ensure your head and neck remain neutral, eliminating the need to strain or tilt. Embrace a posture that has your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and down, negating any slouching tendencies.

How To Be More Comfortable In Gaming

Taking comfort to a new level involves adjusting your chair back to a 100-135 degree angle. Ensure your lower back snugly rests against the chair backrest, shoulders open, and resist forward leaning.

High-quality ergonomic gaming chairs, such as the Desky Pro + Ergonomic Chair, have headrests and provide continuous lumbar support, enabling your body to adapt to a healthy posture naturally.

How Much Should I Spend on my Gaming Setup?

How much you should spend on your gaming desk and setup depends a great deal on your budget and your personal needs. At Desky, our fixed pc gaming desks start at an affordable $249.00, but you can spend up to $2500 if you want adjustable height, corner style and the very best set up available. If you only need to add a few parts to optimise your existing set up however, it could well work out significantly cheaper. See our full range of standing gaming desks and get an ergonomic gaming desk today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What tables do gamers use?

Gaming desks are special types of desks that are designed to enhance the gaming experience and performance of gamers. They have features such as ergonomic design, large surface area, cable management, storage space, and adjustability.

One example is the Desky Alpha Dual Sit Stand Gaming Desk, which is a high-quality and ergonomic desk that allows users to adjust the height and position of their gaming setup. This desk features a dual motor lifting system, a heavy duty capacity, a sound reduction mechanism, and an anti-collision system.

It also comes in different desktop sizes and leg colors to suit various preferences and spaces. It provides gamers with the best gaming experience possible, as well as the health benefits of switching between sitting and standing positions.

Jordan Kahu reviews the Desky Alpha Dual Sit Stand Gaming Desk here.

What gaming desk do streamers use?

Streamers use gaming desks that offer ample space, functionality, ergonomics, and quality for their gaming and streaming setups.

One example of a gaming desk that meets these criteria is the Desky Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk, which is an electric corner standing desk that allows users to adjust the height and position of their gaming equipment.

This desk features a triple motor lifting system, a heavy duty capacity, a sound reduction mechanism, and an anti-collision system.

What is the best gaming hobby desk?

Excellent hobby desks stand on three pillars: functional, customizable, and enduring. Our top pick is the Desky Dual Ergo Edge Sit Stand Desk. This versatile desk caters to both serious gaming sessions and quieter hobby times.

Its electric height adjustability and dual motor design ensure smooth transitions, prioritising your comfort throughout the gaming process. See how one user benefited from our Desky Dual in this review.

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