Benefits of a kid's study desk

During the pandemic, many parents found themselves suddenly needing new study areas for their kids. In the rush to make sure our kids had somewhere they could continue their learning in difficult circumstances, it's understandable that many of us would not have paused to consider why a study space is important.

Providing your kids with their own study table has many advantages. And even though, thankfully, most kids have now been able to return to some sort of normality, there are still distinct benefits to providing a space at home where they can concentrate on their homework or projects. Read on and we'll explain all of the key benefits for your child, and for you.

What Is A Student Desk?

A student desk is the term used to describe a desk used, predictably enough, for study. More particularly though, student desks tend to be aimed at kids, and as such needs to fulfill a different set of requirements - and thus require a quite different design to a standard (adult-sized) desk. A well conceived kid's study table will aid your child in their studies, provide ample storage, will be super tough and durable, and easy to clean.

Desky adjustable student desk

Ideally, you also want a desk that can grow as your child does - which is why many student desks are height adjustable, which allows you to alter the height of the desk periodically to accommodate your growing child. Like everything, finding the right desk for your particular child is key.

Does My Child Need A Study Desk?

Whether or not your child needs a desk is entirely up to you. If you home school, or for any other reason your child is is often needing to work from home, having enough space and their own personal space to work could be a huge advantage. A study table for kids to use gives them a space to focus on their school work, and keeps them off of the dining table!

A child's desk also provides convenient and ample storage space for all of their gear, especially useful for younger children who tend to lose bits and pieces. If you're unsure what desk will suit - see our post on how to choose kids desks.

What Are The Benefits Of A Kids Desk?

Provides a Dedicated Area For Study

We all know how hard it can be to get our kids to sit still for a few moments, let alone have them focus in on some boring homework. Many of us will have memories of trying to do this at the kitchen table, or co-opting any other available surface for this very purpose.

Trying to get your kids to work in an environment that they normally associate with fun or mealtimes makes the job twice as hard. That's why providing a dedicated space for work can be so helpful. Providing your child with a desk which is primarily for study, and contains all the materials and tools they need, gives you a massive head start when it comes to getting your kids focused.

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Aids Concentration

Another reason that this is so important is that having space free from the usual distractions and associations will not only help get them started - it will also help to keep them concentrated on their work. Most children are easily distracted, but creating a dedicated study area allows you to minimise the amount of distractions possible. Placing the desk somewhere away from toys and devices, or anything else your child prefers to homework, will help you keep them on track until the tasks are completed.

Extra Storage Space

If you're tired of finding your kids learning materials scattered all over the bedroom, kitchen table of living room, then you may well benefit from the extra storage space a study desk can provide. Even better, you can then store everything your child needs for home study in one place, meaning there can be no equipment related excuses.

This will help your child learn to organise their belongings, and save you time and energy tidying up after them. It will also mean less will get lost and/or broken, which over time could save you a fair amount of money on replacements.

Promotes Proper Body Posture

A proper desk and chair set for your child will help them to develop good postural habits, and more importantly, stop them from developing bad habits which they will carry into later life. Poor posture accounts for a good chunk of chronic back problems, neck strain, RSI's and a host of other problems later in life - so learning how to sit correctly at an early age could be crucial.

Given this is of integral importance to your child's development, providing them with the right tools is obviously a big deal. An ergonomically designed desk, which allows you to make adjustments to best suit your kids height and frame is ideal.

To give you an idea what to look for, when your child sits at the desk, keep an eye out for the following points. Your child's back should be straight, with the shoulders back. Make sure they are not sat on the edge of the chair, but are right in the back of the chair, allowing their spine to sit in a natural S position. It's fine for the top of the back and shoulders to naturally lean forward a bit, but be careful that your child is not hunched over their work, as this can lead to stopping later in life.

a child studying with a good posture

Grows With Your Child

One of the main reasons people don't invest in high value items for kids is that, within a year or two, if it's possible the kid will have outgrown it. A good kids study desk will be height adjustable, and will allow a range of heights which will keep up with your kids for 4-5 years. That means there is no need to throw out the old desk and buy a new one each time your kid has a spurt - you can simply bring the desk up to your child's height as and when required.

Helps Them Develop Independence

Giving your child their own personal space to work can also help your child develop a sense of independence. Their study hours will be spent at their own, bespoke study desk, giving them a sense of ownership which you can't get at the dining table.

Should You Put A Study Desk In Your Child's Bedroom?

Whether or not you should put a study desk in your child's bedroom is up to you, and depends on the space available. If it's already a well furnished room, you simply may not have space. Or, if you're lucky enough to have a spare room, you might find it's more productive to place the desk in there. Remember that a desk also provides extra storage space, so you can also use it to free up room elsewhere!

If you are going to place the desk in your kids room, be sure to pick a spot which minimises distractions in their eye-line. You also want to find a spot that has ample natural light if possible - but ideally, not somewhere with a view out of the window (as this can be distracting too).

If you have enough of your own space that it's possible, a dedicated study room would be ideal. This way you can minimise distractions and provide a personalised space that is solely for work. However, not many of us have such a luxury - which is why, for those with less space available, often the child's bedroom is the best spot. The place with the least distractions, outside noise and inteference, and where your child feels most comfortable is the ideal.

When Should I Get My Child A Desk?

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When you should get your child a desk depends on you, your child, your space and your own outlook. Some experts suggest that you can provide your child with a desk from 18 months onwards, although it is unlikely to get any significant use at this age. If you want a desk which will last a few years and not need replacing and upgrading, many desks start at around 4 years of age and are adjustable up until 8/9 (depending on the rate of growth of your child) - so this is often the sweet spot to get your child their first desk.

If you're thinking about getting your child a desk but are still undecided, it's maybe worth summing up some of the key reasons a study desk could benefit your child. A dedicated study space will aid your childs focus, and help them concentrate on the task at hand. A well designed, ergonomic desk will also help to lock in good posture at an early age, and could save them from aches, strains and even chronic pain in the future. A well made study table will provide ample storage helping you declutter your own space. And picking an adjustable study table will mean that you don't need to rebuy desks every few years as your kid grows.

If you're still unsure, check out our range of kids desks to see if anything inspires you!

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