why is my computer screen yellow
Puzzled by a tinge of yellow on your computer display? You've come to the right place. We'll provide you with clear, simple answers to your queries.

How do I get the yellow tint off my computer screen?

Is your display colored like a ripe banana? No worries, the solution is as easy as peeling one. Simply navigate your way around system settings. Begin by clicking on "Settings," then select the "System" option, following which you'll locate "Display.".

Look for the "Night Light" feature in this tab and ensure it is switched off. If you prefer a softer light than the standard one but don't want the yellowish hue, customize the "Night Light" color temperature to a pleasing level.

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How do I fix my yellow screen?

Fixing a yellowish hue isn't rocket science and often simply involves adjusting your monitor's settings.

Opt for the "Auto Adjust" or "Reset" options under the monitor's menu, if available. Checking for driver and software updates can also be beneficial in rectifying these glitches.

How do I fix my display color problem?

To cure the discolored screen dilemma, you might need to adjust your color balance settings. From your System Preferences, navigate to Display Settings, and check Color Calibration.

This feature allows you to balance the different color channels, ideally returning your screen to its natural state.

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Why is my laptop stuck on a yellow screen?

A persistently yellow laptop screen can be a little trickier to solve, but fear not. This could potentially be a case of outdated drivers, settings incorrectly calibrated, or hardware needing maintenance.

The first thing to try is to reset your laptop to factory settings. In worst-case scenarios, professional servicing may be required.

A guide to fixing yellow screen


In summary, a yellow discoloration on your computer display typically arises from color balance, night mode settings, or possibly outdated hardware or software.

Thankfully, rectifying these issues doesn't require a degree in computer science. If you're still encountering problems after trying the suggestions provided, it may be time to seek assistance from a professional.

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