What is the desk beside the bed?
From the smallest bed tables to extravagant nightstands, the area beside your resting place has significantly evolved. This brief exploration elucidates the variety, functionality, and historical unfolding of that indispensable piece of furniture placed beside our beds.

What is a nightstand versus a bedside table?

To wrap our heads around the concept of the 'desk beside the bed', let's ground ourselves with some basics. Nightstands and bedside tables might seem interchangeable, but their nuances lie in their size and capabilities.

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Nightstands tend to be bulkier and offer an array of storage facilities. Their large drawers, shelves and often additional compartments make them ideal for ones gravitating towards more grounded storage solutions.

Conversely, bedside tables embody simplicity and minimalism. These compact structures hold only the essentials in close proximity, lacking the voluminous storage that nightstands provide.

Should I put my desk next to my bed?

Engaging in work activities right by your resting place might seem like a convenient option. Yet, studies suggest that it can engender sleep disorders like insomnia.

This is due to blurred boundaries between your workspace and sleeping area. It is suggested to place your desk separately, away from your bed, in turn promoting improved sleep quality and productivity.

Nevertheless, if spatial constraints bind you, position the desk on the side opposite to your bed, thus promoting a visual demarcation. Having screens or partitions further delineates your workspace from the bed area, aiding in the establishment of clear work and rest zones.

Why do they call it a nightstand?

The term 'nightstand' leaves traces back to 1852, whereas the antiquated variant 'night table' is recorded as early as 1772. Buried in the folds of history, you will find the nightstand playing a critical role - containing the chamber pot. This portable toilet facility was a nightly necessity before the advent of modern indoor toilets.

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What is a small table that is kept at the side of a bed?

Simple yet functional, the compact furniture piece placed beside a bed is the versatile Bedside table. Also known as a nightstand or day stand, this handy structure serves multiple purposes. From supporting your reading lamp, alarm clock, and phone to holding your late-night snack and drink, they accommodate your essential items.


Understanding the diverse roles of differently purposed tables near our beds gives us greater insight into our choices. Recognizing the distinction between nightstands and bedside tables, acknowledging the importance of positioning our desks with regards to our beds, and absorbing the historical significance of these accessories will guide our choices for a more ergonomic and comfortable room arrangement.

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