How should I setup 3 monitors?

Navigating your workflow effectively is no longer a cherry-pick task with a tri-monitor setup. If you find yourself asking, "How should I setup 3 monitors?" then you've discovered the right article.

We'll walk you through some essential tips to maximise productivity with your three-monitor deck.

What is the best layout for 3 monitors?

When dealing with three displays, configuration matters. A well-liked orientation involves placing the central monitor in landscape form while keeping the side displays in portrait mode.

This affords the flexibility of having expansive horizontal views on your central display and, simultaneously, the benefit of longer vertical displays for reading webpages or documents on the side.

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How do I use 3 monitors effectively?

For an immersive experience, consider placing two or three curved screens side by side. This setup promotes fluid cursor transition across individual screens, allowing you to lose yourself in your work. Remember, this setup might require additional space to accommodate the unique shape of curved monitors.

Considering the right size of your desk can provide optimal space for your hardware. Our guide on what size desk you need could provide useful insights in determining your needs.

Setting up a 3-monitor desk setup

How do I arrange my triple monitor?

Aligning your triple monitor involves more than just physical placement. Considerations like the angle between the monitors, the gap between each screen, and even the viewing height should be carefully deliberated upon.

Consistent monitor brightness and color settings also enhance the overall experience. The CCOHS enumerates these particulars in detail. For instance, you may need to invest in quality monitor arms to aid in proper alignment and positioning.

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How to use 3 monitors with one HDMI?

Maintain seamless communication across multiple displays using a single HDMI port. All it takes is purchasing an HDMI splitter.

This nifty device houses one male connector attached to your laptop and two more ports on the other end, allowing visuals displayed on one screen to be replicated on the others.


Optimizing a triple monitor setup is less about the number of screens and more about how they're utilized. Remember, your monitor layout should serve to enhance, not hinder, your overall productivity.

Focus on the quality of your screens, their arrangement, and the environment they're placed in. With the right ergonomic, technological, and stylistic measures, your tri-monitor setup can transform into a prodigious productivity powerhouse.

Remember, the goal is to create a setup that’s intuitive and conducive to your workflow so that you can reap the benefits of enhanced productivity and improved ergonomics by using equipment like monitor risers for heightened visibility.

In the lightning-fast world of technology, learning to leverage multi-monitor setups will serve as an invaluable asset. Now it's your turn to embrace the power of multiple displays and transform your workstation into a dynamic hub of efficiency. Good luck with your new setup!

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