why are monitors more expensive than tvs
In a market flooded with a variety of technological gizmos and gadgets, one could wonder, "Why are monitors more expensive than TVs?" It's a pertinent query, and we're here to dispel the mystery!

Is Monitor More Expensive Than TV?

Quality is the watchword when it comes to monitors. They are constructed with top-notch components that guarantee their durability, given their extensive usage.

On top of this, monitors tend to be made with higher-quality components and materials. So, yes, monitors do command a higher price tag than TVs.

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Is It Better To Buy A Monitor Or TV?

If you're an avid gamer or utilize both a PC and a console, leverage the utility of monitors, as they outperform TVs in several spheres. Their superior response times, lower input lag, as well as unrivalled refresh rates, make them a worthy investment, especially with the use of adjustable monitor arms.

Besides the mentioned benefits, monitors provide impressive value for money, being equally adept at supporting both PC and console gaming. With their rapid response times and minimal lag, competitive console gaming can be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Why are 4K monitors so pricey?

Pixel density is key in understanding why 4K monitors are so expensive. Packed with an impressive PPI (pixels per inch), 4K monitors' higher price point could be justified by the monumental pixel density they offer.

Pixel Density: The Defining Feature

Featuring an extreme pixel density, 4K monitors exhibit astonishing detail and clarity. This advanced technology paves the way for a high-definition viewing experience, driving up the monitor's market price.

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Why Do TVs Look Better Than Monitors?

When compared with monitors, TVs possess an edge in terms of image processing. Inbuilt image enhancement features like motion reduction, sharpening, and tone mapping give TVs the advantage, leading to a more appealing visual output coupled with potential input lag.

TVs: The Image Processing Champ

Inheriting their superior image quality from integrated processors, TVs provide image enhancements like sharpening, motion reduction, and tone mapping. While this makes the image on your TV appear better, it can sometimes contribute to input lag.


In a nutshell, monitors, given their innate quality, longevity, responsiveness, and high pixel density, stand out as a necessary expenditure, even though they may be priced higher due to market factors. TVs, with their superior image processing abilities, create a more pleasant visual output.

Therefore, when selecting whether to purchase a monitor or a TV, it is essential to determine your specific requirements and budget, and pick the device that best suits your needs.

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