What are standard screen sizes?
In the world of technology, standard screen sizes vary among devices. Some of us might use a compact laptop for work, while others might prefer a wide monitor for gaming or graphics work. This blog aims to demystify common screen sizes, their resolutions, and how they fit into your workspace and ergonomics.

What are common monitor screen sizes?

Monitor screen sizes do vary, but there are some sizes more prevalent than others. For instance, 21 to 27 inches is a common range, accommodating various user preferences and workspace configurations.

While small monitors (21-24 inches) are suitable for compact workspaces, larger ones of 27 inches and above cater to graphic designers, gamers, or those handling multiple tasks. Is a 27 inch monitor enough for productivity? is a common question. It's a matter of personal preference and the demands of your work.

To further optimize your workstation and comfort, consider Desky's range of Monitor Arms, Monitor Stands & Screen Mounts designed to complement screens of all sizes.

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What screen size is 1920x1080?

Screen resolution is measured in pixels, with 1920x1080 being a widespread resolution. Pixels, however, do not correlate directly to the physical size of a screen. Rather, they dictate the screen's sharpness.

To simplify further, a resolution of 1920x1080, typically found on screens anywhere between 21" to 27”, provides crisp and clear images. It's approximately 12.8 inches wide and 7.2 inches tall if you convert pixels into inches.

Ergonomic Monitor Risers help adjust your screen to a comfortable height for this resolution. Understanding your screen resolution and size helps improve your workstation setup, promoting user comfort and productivity.

What is the standard laptop screen size?

Laptop screen sizes predominantly range from 13" to 15", balancing portability with optimum display. These laptops, are perfect for people needing mobility without compromising on display quality.

The ability to transport such potent performers can enhance your productivity, no matter where you're working from. Remember that pairing your laptop with Laptop Stands & Laptop Mounts from Desky can contribute to an even better work environment.

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What is the most common tablet screen size?

For those who prefer smaller, more portable screens, 7-inch tablets are quite popular. They mostly utilize Android OS and an on-screen keyboard, similar to smartphones. Worth noting is Apple's iPad Mini, the only iOS device within this size class. Their compact size and efficient performance make these devices excellent companions for multitaskers.


Screen sizes and resolutions are vital tokens in optimizing your work or play environment. Smaller, high-resolution screens offer excellent portability, while larger displays cater better to heavy-duty users like graphic designers, gamers, or multitaskers who require more screen real estate.

Understanding these standard screen sizes and resolutions helps end-users achieve their workspace goals, whether you're a digital nomad or a dedicated office worker.

Moreover, pairing your preferred screen size with ergonomic solutions from Desky, will enhance your workspace, comfort, and productivity. After all, the right setups cater not just to what we see, but how comfortably we see it.

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