What is good timber for table tops?
Ever considered what the right timber is for table tops? This comprehensive guide addresses the identification of optimal timber, addressing its durability, aesthetics, and strength.

What type of wood is best for table tops?

Helping you identify the ideal wood for your table top can often be an overwhelming task, with numerous types to choose from.

A variety of factors, such as preferred look, structural integrity, and permanence, come into play. Some popular options known for their strength and elegant look feature walnut, mahogany, cherry, and oak.

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What kind of timber to use for a table?

Oak stands out as a premier choice for table production, thanks to its robustness and long-lasting properties.

Combining oak's unique grain pattern makes it an undisputed choice for tables like the Desky Dual Hardwood Sit Stand Desk, allowing the wood's natural beauty to be showcased.

What would be a suitable timber for a table top Why?

If you value modern aesthetics without the extravagant cost, oak proves an exceptional choice, especially when finished with darker stains for a more refined look. For those undeterred by cost, hardwood species with exotic, smooth grains emerge as ultimate contenders.

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What is the best material to use for a table top?

Beyond traditional solid wood, natural plywood has become a popular pick in the current market. Plywood's superior strength surpassing even solid wood, can be attributed to its cross-grained structure, evenly distributing strength throughout the material. This consistent strength makes plywood resilient and reliable for tabletops.

Benefits of Choosing Plywood:

  • Superior strength and resilience
  • Uniform distribution of strength
  • Durable and reliable for frequent daily use


Selecting an ideal timber for table tops involves striking a balance among diverse factors, from aesthetics, strength, durability, to cost. Options range from traditional hardwoods like walnut, mahogany, cherry, and oak, to more cost-effective and resilient materials like natural plywood. Ultimately, the best timber choice for a table top should cater to your specific requirements and preferences.

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