What is an ergonomically correct chair?

Have you ever considered the real importance of your office chair? To maintain a healthy posture and achieve superior comfort, an ergonomic chair that suits your needs and style is the best choice. But what exactly is an ergonomically correct chair, and how does it benefit you?

What makes a chair ergonomically correct?

Chairs designed with ergonomic principles provide essential support to the spine’s natural shape. They do wonders by reducing undue stress on the spine and the pelvic region, which consequently prevents slumping. These chairs come equipped with an adjustable backrest, allowing a user to align the curve in the chair with their spine for maximum support.

Ultimately, it’s all about keeping the spine in its natural 'S' position. Research from the National Institute of Health reveals how ergonomic chairs can significantly reduce musculoskeletal stress and improve productivity.

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What is the proper ergonomic chair?

Proper ergonomic chairs are those that offer comprehensive support for your spine, allowing adjustments in height so that your feet can comfortably rest flat on the floor.

If necessary, pair them with a footrest to ensure your thighs maintain a parallel alignment with the floor. Additionally, a good ergonomic chair is inclusive of armrests positioned to let your arms comfortably rest, keeping elbows near the body and shoulders relaxed.

What are the requirements for an ergonomic chair?

For an ideal ergonomic chair to function effectively, it must fulfill several crucial requirements:

  • Provide enough depth from the front to the back of the seat so that you can rest your back against the backrest, with about 2 to 4 inches between the back of the knees and the seat of the chair.
  • Enable the forward or backward tilt of the seat to be adjustable.

You can read more on the ergonomic requirements for office chairs on our website, including the health and productivity benefits they provide.

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How do you know if your chair is ergonomic?

A simple way to confirm if your chair is ergonomic would be to look for the armrests. Most ergonomic chairs include armrests that are adjustable for a custom, comfortable fit. The design of these armrests often features a broad, contoured, cushioned, and comfortable characteristic.


To sum it up, an ergonomically correct chair is more than just a piece of office furniture - it's a tool for health and productivity with good posture. With the right ergonomic chair, you can count on proper support that matches the natural 'S' curve of your spine, adjustments for comfort, and features that aid in beneficial posturing.

Remember to look for adjustable armrests and ensure the chair’s depth allows comfortable positioning. This way, you won't just work in comfort, but also contribute positively to your overall well-being. Ready to feel the difference? Visit our Desky collection today to find a chair that perfectly combines style, comfort, and ergonomics.

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