How high should I set my office chair?

When healthy posture and comfort drive performance, determining the ideal height for your office chair becomes crucial. The correct positioning of an ergonomic chair delicately balances three elements: flat foot positioning, level thighs, and arms paired with the desk height.

Decoding the Correct Height for an Office Chair

Typically, the proper height for an office chair lies in the range of 16–21 inches from the floor, accommodating a wide spectrum of individuals. This height allows employees to place their feet flat on the floor, maintain horizontal thighs, and align their arms with the desk's height. Seat width and depth also play a crucial role in determining comfort.

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In contrast, the wrong seat height can lead to discomfort, decreased productivity, and even repetitive strain injuries. Thus, let's take a closer look at whether sitting high or low is more beneficial.

The Balance between High and Low Sitting in Office Chairs

When it comes to selecting between sitting high and low, the key is effortless movement between sitting and standing. A chair set too low may necessitate bending your upper body more while trying to stand up, placing undue stress on your hips, knees, and ankle joints.

Identifying If Your Office Chair is Set Too High

One simple way to determine if your chair's height needs adjusting is to observe your feet's position while seated. If your feet don't firmly touch the ground or you're tiptoeing, your chair may be set too high. Equally, your knees should be at right angles and level with hips.

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Chair Height in Relation to Desk Height

Fine-tuning your chair's height to match your desk is a subtle yet paramount - aspect of office ergonomics. Your chair's ideal height is when your forearms align with your workspace.

Your elbows should comfortably rest at an open 90 - 110-degree angle, while your feet should touch the floor and your knees should be bent at 90 degrees.


Ultimately, the ideal office chair height depends on individual comfort, making it imperative that chairs are adjustable to cater to a broad range of needs. Implementing these office chair height adjustment guidelines will optimally balance your posture and encourage a healthier workspace environment.

Embrace good posture, enhanced comfort, and increased productivity with ergonomic office furniture from Desky. Making minor adjustments to your office chair can make a dramatic difference to your comfort levels, boosting your performance and well-being throughout the day.

So, ask yourself again, "How high should I set my office chair?" and let ergonomics guide your way.

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