Do chiropractors recommend standing desks?

Ever wondered if standing desks are part of the chiropractic toolkit recommended for healthy posture and improved body wellness? You're not alone. Putting these structures to work has piqued the interest of body wellness experts ranging from physical therapists to medical doctors.

Can a chiropractor prescribe a standing desk?

In many cases, medical professionals like chiropractors can indeed suggest patients incorporate the use of a standing desk into their routines. Much like registered nurses, medical doctors, and physical therapists, chiropractors seek to promote optimal body wellness.

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By encouraging movement, postural variance, and the prevention of sedentary habits, standing desks can contribute positively to these results. Standing desks enable the user to alternate postures, improving circulation and promoting spinal health.

Do physical therapists recommend standing desks?

With postural care central to their practice, physical therapists frequently extol the virtues of a standing desk. Use of these structures can prevent longstanding ailments such as musculoskeletal disorders by promoting better posture.

Experts suggests setting a timer as an effective strategy to remind office workers to exercise movement, alternate between sitting and standing, or go for a little walk.

Do doctors recommend standing desks?

Health experts, including doctors, have noticed potential benefits of using standing desks. Notably, reports highlight an apparent reduction in back pain symptoms and enhanced daily productivity.

Among call center workers, standing desk users were revealed to be 45% more productive than their counterparts who sat throughout their shift. Nevertheless, the exact standing duration to reap these benefits remains unclear.

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Besides reducing back pain, doctors highlight the role of standing desks in fostering increased energy levels, improved mood, and enhanced productivity. Having these structures in the office setup can nurture a conducive work environment while promoting overall physical wellness.

Is standing desk good for spine?

Multiple studies have demonstrated the potential benefit of standing desks to the health of the average office worker. Among the highlighted advantages is the alleviation of pain based in the spine.

By encouraging users to remain proactive and mobile rather than fixed in a seated position, they can contribute to the well-being of the spine and overall body wellness.


In summary, whether prescribed by chiropractors, physical therapists, or doctors, standing desks can be a key piece of furniture in a healthy office setup. They promote movement, reduce prolonged sitting, and contribute positively to spinal health.

Always remember, however, to make good use of reminders to move or alternate between sitting and standing regularly for optimum benefits.

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