Are under desk keyboard trays good?

In the sphere of ergonomic office furniture, under desk keyboard trays have been subject to debate. This article aims to ensure a comprehensive understanding and answer your query, "Are under desk keyboard trays good?" The specialists at Desky delve into the pros and cons, providing enlightening insights on the matter.

Should I Use a Keyboard Tray Under Desk?

Absolutely. Under desk keyboard trays are ideal for those who spend long hours at their desks. An improperly positioned keyboard may be harmful to your arm, wrist, and hand health, particularly if you have a non-adjustable desk.

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Keyboard trays embrace catered ergonomics, adjusting according to different user heights, making fixed-height desks a comfortable work station. No matter your height, keyboard trays enable a tailored workspace, minimizing discomfort and reaching optimal positioning for your arms, wrists, and hands while typing.

What Are the Disadvantages of Keyboard Trays?

While providing many benefits, keyboard trays can harbour their own inconveniences. Top among them is reduced leg space, the primary issue for taller individuals or those who prefer abundant legroom. A keyboard tray, due to its under-desk placement, might compromise knee space, especially when bulky.

Why Don't Desks Have Keyboard Trays Anymore?

Modern-day advances have led to more streamlined designs where keyboards find their ergonomic positions on the desks themselves, eliminating the need for separate trays.

Some studies indicate concerns that keyboard trays might lead to an undesirable typing position, causing awkward wrist angles.

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Should Standing Desk Have a Keyboard Tray?

Standing desks integrated with keyboard trays are a beneficial combination. This liaison allows you to fine-tune both the monitor and keyboard heights, leading to better ergonomic posture and an enhanced work experience.


Weighing the benefits and drawbacks, it's clear that under-desk keyboard trays carry their own merits, bringing a tailored ergonomic experience to your workspace. Obstructed leg space is an unfortunate downside, yet this largely relates to your personal preferences and comfort levels.

Modern desks and standing desks cater to keyboard comfort already, making trays unnecessary. However, the convenience a keyboard tray offers in terms of adjustability is undeniable.

Each individual workspace is unique, and so it becomes a question of balance between personal comfort and ergonomic adjustments. At Desky, we believe the best selection is the one that aligns with your optimal comfort and productivity demands.

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