What is the best layout for an L-shaped desk?

In the hustle and bustle of today's dynamic workspace, the configuration of your work area plays a pivotal role in productivity and comfort. One piece of office furniture now gaining popularity for its flexibility and efficiency is the L-shaped desk. But what is the best way to set up these uniquely shaped desks?

How do you arrange an L-shaped desk?

As the name suggests, this desk is shaped like the letter 'L,' offers flexibility when positioning your workspace in a room. While one familiar approach involves placing the desk in the corner to conserve space, other innovative arrangements, such as positioning the desk in a 'V' formation or perpendicular to the wall, can further maximize utility.

For a perpendicular setup, a bookcase or shelving along the adjacent wall understudies a 'U'-shape, granting you a semi-enclosed workspace with everything within reach. This method is especially favorable for those who require easy access to books or files.

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Where is the best place to put an L-shaped desk?

The strategic placement of an L-shaped desk can significantly influence the energy within your workspace. One recommended location is the command position, typically at the back of the office with minimal space behind.

Positioning a desk in this manner aligns with the principles of Feng Shui, believed to channel potent and protective energies for an excellent work output.

What is the best use of L-shaped desk?

L-shaped desks are known for their abundant space, conducive to multitasking. One arm of the 'L' can accommodate papers, books, invoices, and ledgers, even a second computer monitor, while the other can serve as a primary working area. This organized setup enables you to manage tasks without feeling cluttered.

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What is a good size for an L-shaped desk?

As for dimensions, based on ergonomic norms, an L-shaped desk's height lies between 29 - 30 inches, with a depth between 20 - 30 inches.

For desks with unequal sides, the lengthier side stretches from 60 - 72 inches while the shorter one is about 48 - 58 inches. It is critical that the size of the desk aligns with your specific needs and available office space for effective functioning.


In essence, selecting the perfect layout for an L-shaped desk hinges on your workspace requirements, the tasks at hand, and your comfort. A favorable setup significantly improves productivity, be it in a corner, the command position, or a contrasting placement.

While providing ample space for multiple tasks, the dimensions of these desks should also fit well within your office space. With mindful positioning, an L-shaped desk can revolutionize your work routine, stimulating efficiency and comfort.

It is together, we navigate through various workspace complexities, and in learning, we grow professionally. An L-shaped desk, in its unique ways, takes a stride ahead in offering flexibility and ergonomic advantages harmonizing our workspace into an aide rather than a mere constituent, achieving comfort and productivity in unison.

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