Has Fully Gone out of Business?

The Closure of Fully.com: What Consumers Need to Know

Fully.com, once pioneer in the office ergonomics space, is closing its doors after an 18-year stint. The company's parent, MillerKnoll, has decided to shutter the operation by the end of April 2023. The closure is a significant development for the industry and consumers alike. So let's do a quick recap of the history of Fully, the parent companies behind it, the challenges that led to its closure, and what consumers should know moving forward.

The History of Fully.com and Its Parent Companies

Founded by David Kahl in 2006, Fully began as ErgoDepot before rebranding itself in 2016. The company focused on ergonomic office furniture, with the Jarvis Desk being one of its most popular products. In August 2019, Fully was acquired by Knoll, a $1.8 billion office furniture maker. Shortly thereafter, Herman Miller acquired Knoll in April 2021, creating the largest commercial office furniture manufacturer in the world – MillerKnoll.

Fully's Acquisition to Closure Timeline:

Why is Fully.com Closing?

The office furniture industry faced numerous challenges since the onset of the pandemic. A significant shift to hybrid and remote working, coupled with supply chain disruptions, inflation, and the Ukraine conflict, have all contributed to the decision to close Fully.com. MillerKnoll, while being the largest player in the industry, has been unable to escape these issues.

What Consumers Should Know About Purchasing from Fully.com

Fully.com is currently offering liquidation type sales and steep discounts on their products, including the Jarvis Desk. They will continue to sell surplus Jarvis desk bases and tops, along with some monitor arms and a few power accessory items through their other channels until the entire inventory is depleted. However, all other products, including their solid wood standing desks, will be discontinued once the website is shut down.

Consumers should exercise caution when purchasing from a company in the process of winding down. Post-sale support for products might be difficult to obtain, and there is currently no way to contact the company for support other than through email.

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Alternatives to the Fully Standing Desks

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In the ever-evolving office ergonomics industry, it's essential for consumers to stay informed and carefully consider their options before committing to a purchase. With the closure of Fully.com, it's a timely reminder to remain adaptable and vigilant when seeking ergonomic office solutions.


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