Why do people sit with one leg on the chair?
Are you wondering why certain individuals insist on occupying their chair space with one foot? As ergonomic furniture specialists at Desky, we understand that comfort is personal, but it's also related to anatomically correct ways to sit. This article aims to shed light on the topic, taking into consideration alignment, posture, and body language.

Why do people sit with one leg over?

There are different possible reasons why people sit with one leg over the other. Some of them are:

  • It may be comfortable for them, as it allows them to take the weight off one of their legs.
  • It may be a way to improve the mechanics of the lower back and reduce the strain on it.
  • It may be a sign of anxiety, as crossing the legs increases the amount of self-contact, which is comforting.
  • It may be a gesture of dominance or ownership, as opening up the crotch or putting one leg over the armrest of the chair conveys confidence and power4.
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Is it bad to sit with one leg tucked under?

In the realm of posture, there's a notion of the "incorrect move". Sitting twisted or with a leg beneath the other can cause strain in the lower back, neck, and shoulders.

Many ergonomic experts have echoed about the drawbacks of sitting with one leg on a chair: a twisted posture can lead to discomfort. Tucked legs or a rounded spine may result in tension in the shoulders, neck, and lower back. Ensuring a straight back and level gaze can often alleviate such strain.

Is it normal to sit cross-legged on a chair?

While comfort varies from person to person, sitting cross-legged on a chair can be both routine and relieving for some of us. It's recommended to retain a 90-degree knee bend while seated for optimal blood flow, as well as encouraging overall good posture.

Although sitting cross-legged might attract curiosity, it doesn't inherently lead to discomfort or pain. Keeping within your comfort zone while respecting health guidelines would be our suggestion to improve posture while sitting at a desk.

A few guidelines include:

  • Feet flat on the floor
  • Knees level with or slightly lower than your hips
  • Relaxed shoulders
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Why do guys sit with their legs open next to a girl?

This sitting posture, often labelled as 'manspreading', can indicate more than comfort. According to Tanya Vacharkulksemsuk, a post-doctoral researcher at UC Berkeley, certain expansive postures may connote dominance and sexual attractiveness in males. Spreading legs or broadening arms can be perceived as sexually attractive behavior.

Body language plays a significant role in human interaction.

It is crucial to remember that not every physical attribute should be seen as a direct, intentional form of communication; comfort levels and physical constraints play a pivotal role as well.


The equation of comfort and posture varies. Whether individuals sit with one leg over, cross-legged, or widely spread, is often linked to personal comfort, physical attributes, and even subtle communication signals. As ergonomics experts at Desky, we strive to ensure that every piece of furniture we create boosts wellbeing and promotes good posture. After all, when it comes to using a chair, the way we sit is just as important as where we sit.

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