Which chair is best for neck pain?

Ever suffered from neck aches due to all-day sittings? Ponder whether there is a chair to relieve your neck pain. Here, we illuminate you on the best chair to support and alleviate neck discomfort.

What kind of chair is best for neck pain?

Ergonomic chairs stand out as the front-runners in battling neck discomfort, magnifying posture, and enhancing workspace aesthetics.

Tailored for body resilience and comfort, these chairs support your spine and neck alignment, reducing strain and fatigue. In addition, these chairs bolster your professional image by imparting a trendy ambiance to your workspace.

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How do you sit in a chair with neck pain?

Proper posture plays a vital role in diminishing neck distress. Strive to maintain a simple, neutral head position where your ears align with your shoulders. Avoid backrounding by adjusting the chair's height so your thighs slightly angle downwards.

This posture adjustment can significantly lessen the forward slump of your head and shoulders, thereby relieving neck discomfort. Find out more about how to sit correctly on our blog about improving posture while sitting at a desk.

Prioritising Comfort and Balance

  • Ensure your feet firmly rest on the floor, or use a footrest.
  • Maintain a small gap between the back of your knees and the chair seat.
  • Utilize lower back support, or a pillow, to adopt a comfortable and upright sitting posture.

Do ergonomic chairs help with neck pain?

An adeptly structured ergonomic desk chair and appropriate desktop ergonomics can greatly curtail office pains, especially neck ones. A setup ensuring a harmonious work environment with your desk, chair, and computer promises a more neck-and-shoulder-friendly workplace.

What is the best sitting position for a stiff neck?

If neck stiffness plagues you, focus on seating setup and posture. Your chair and workstation should allow you to operate closely and comfortably without hunching or leaning.

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Keep your elbows and arms relaxed on your desk or chair, ensuring shoulder relaxation. When transitioning from sitting to standing, move towards the front of your chair seat to maintain alignment and reduce strain. Getting the best sitting position can significantly help neck stiffness.

Sustain Composure All Day

Regulate breaks to stretch and reposition your body, preventing stiffness and discomfort. Maintain neck and shoulder relaxation while focusing on tasks to reduce strain.


In essence, a well-aligned ergonomic chair, adapted to specific posture needs, can greatly curb neck pain. Compliment this with proper seating and workspace organization techniques to foster a harmonious, pain-free working environment.

Aim for overall balance and comfort to alleviate neck distress through the workday. It's time to say goodbye to neck pain, with Desky!

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