What can I use instead of an office chair mat?

In search of an alternative to the standard office chair mat? Let's explore the most effective options to meet your needs. The two prominent substitutes are felt pads for chair legs and bell glides. Both alternatives offer smooth glides and a stylish appeal.

What can I use in place of a chair mat?

  • Felt Pads: Small yet robust, these pads stick to the bottom of your chair legs. Felt pads provide a seamless movement experience while maintaining a subtle presence.
  • Bell Glides: These are direct replacements for office chair wheels. Once installed, bell glides offer the dual benefits of smooth chair movement and prevention of floor damage.
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How to make your own office chair mat?

If you tend towards customization and love DIY projects, crafting your personal office chair mat can provide an engaging challenge. Conveniently, the internet offers a multitude of guides and inspiration. Take a leap into the world of DIY and create a home office accessory that complements your decor and safeguards your floor.

Do you need a mat under an office chair?

Compelling reasons exist to support the need for a mat under your office chair. Not only does a mat protect your flooring, it also contributes positively to your wellbeing.

The back-and-forth movement of a chair can cause strains, potential injuries and impact on the durability of the carpet. Considering these adverse effects, it's clear that a chair mat serves as a protective layer between your office chair and the floor.

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Can I use plywood as a chair mat?

Relying on the flexibility of plywood can offer a rustic look to your office decor while performing the role of a chair mat efficiently. Plywood is simple to cut and has an innate strength to handle the constant strain from chair movements. Envelope yourself in home office sophistication with a plywood chair mat, ensuring your floor remains as pristine as on day one.


Depending on your aesthetics, budget, and specific requirements, viable alternatives do exist for the traditional office chair mat. Ranging from sleek felt pads to robust bell glides or an artisanal plywood mat, you can find your perfect choice.

As an ergonomic furniture specialist, we adhere to bringing forth options to enhance the harmony between you and your workspace. Choose what fits best for you and keep your workspace as remarkable and unique as you are.

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