What are the best chairs for bad backs?
Suffering from back pain? With lengthy sitting sessions in the office, your choice of chair plays a key role in assuaging this condition. For a comprehensive insight, let's explore numerous ergonomic chairs that can alleviate lower back pain.

What type of chair is best for a bad back?

Orthopedic chairs offer significant relief to back pain. As specifically designed furniture pieces, they give your back the support it needs to remain comfortable, especially if you have joint pain, headaches, or arthritic conditions.

Trusting a dependable orthopedic chair is a step towards comfort, but we are aware that identifying a chair that factors comfort, support, and adjustability is not always straightforward.

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What is the best chair for degenerative disc disease?

Degenerative disc disease intensifies the necessity for a well-designed chair. Pain stems from the spine's inability to bear the body's weight efficiently. An ergonomic office chair such as from Desky could be the optimum solution.

These chairs come with adjustable height and armrests, tailored lumbar support, and a comfortable seat depth to fit all individuals, making it ideal for those dealing with degenerative disc disease.

Are hard or soft chairs better for your back?

You might associate soft cushioned chairs with comfort, but they can put undue strain on your spine as the lower back would have to work harder to support your body weight.

A chair with a firm seat and excellent lumbar support fits the bill, facilitating good posture and helping prevent back pain, using similar principles to our Desky Pro Ergonomic Chair.

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Can a good chair fix back pain?

One cannot negate the role a good chair plays in alleviating back pain. By using a chair with correct support, it helps in maintaining a proper posture and this, in turn, reduces the pressure on your spine.

However, a chair alone cannot 'fix' back pain, rather it should be accompanied by regular breaks, stretching, and movement.

Steps to reduce back pain:

  • Adjust the chair to support your back and maintain a good posture.
  • Take frequent breaks to stand and stretch.
  • Stay active with regular exercise to strengthen your core muscles.


Choosing the right chair can indeed make a difference, especially when you have a bad back. In terms of ergonomics and comfort, orthopedic chairs can offer excellent support, in turn alleviating back pain. While a well-designed firm chair can contribute significantly, do not leave out exercise, breaks, and proper posture from your strategy to combat back pain and improve posture.

Remember, choosing the right chair can play a significant role in controlling and managing back pain but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is equally, if not more, important. Start your journey towards a healthier back by exploring Desky's extensive range of ergonomic office furniture today.

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