How do you manage cords that are too long?
Introducing effective strategies for managing a mess of cables can revolutionize your workspace's aesthetics and workflow. Dealing with lengthy cords doesn't need to be daunting or complex. Our solutions simplify the process, ensuring a neat and organised workspace.

Strategies for Managing Lengthy Cables

Managing the cords that are too long starts with efficient methods of keeping them contained. Organizing these cables appropriately contributes to a clutter-free work environment.

Use tools like zip ties, Velcro straps, and binder clips. Try attaching them along the desk's underbelly, keeping them hidden from view and out of your way on your desk.

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Contributing Factors for Cable Management

  • Cable Length: Always consider the required length to avoid unnecessary clutter.
  • Clutter-Free Workspace: Providing a functional and inviting workspace is essential.
  • Future Needs: Considering potential changes or additions to your equipment can avoid future disruption and clutter.

The Shortening Method for Long Cords

You've probably tried to deal with long cords, only to end up in a tangled mess. One way to solve this is by creating a loop around your hand, passing the cable through the middle, and then tightening it around the loop.

Keep repeating this process until your cable is neatly bundled. When you require more cable length, simply extend as needed.

Hiding Extra Cable Length

Cable management extends beyond merely shortening excessively long cables. Successfully hiding extra cable length contributes significantly to an orderly workspace.

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Cable management boxes, cord covers, or even DIY solutions like using adhesive hooks under your desk offer practical and affordable options for hiding extra length.

Storing Long Cables

Storing long cables involves a multi-pronged approach. Employing certain techniques and tools, like cable ties, storage racks, or drawers, helps preserve the condition of your cables for future use. Part of efficient cable management also includes labelling your cables, ensuring ease of identification when you need them next.


To sum up, managing long cords needn't be a daunting task, and achieving a clutter-free workspace can certainly enhance your productivity levels. Embracing effective cable management techniques, such as the shortening method, hiding extra cable length, and appropriate storage solutions, can transform your desk into an optimally structured workspace.

Remember, an organised workspace is a productive workspace!

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