Do kneeling chairs help with lower back pain?
In our commitment to answering common inquiries of our clients, we're discussing kneeling chairs and their relation to lower back pain. A question often raised is, "Do kneeling chairs help with lower back pain?” The answer is quite elucidating.

Do chiropractors recommend kneeling chairs?

Indeed, among the plethora of ergonomic options available for those working desk jobs, kneeling chairs occupy a preferential spot. This notion is shared by several experts in the field, including Dr. Matt Cooper, a prominent chiropractor and DC, founder of USA Sports Therapy.

While one mustn't neglect the benefits of conventional desk chairs and standing desk options, kneeling chairs offer unique and valuable benefits. Caution must be exercised when sourcing your kneeling chair; ensure it's from a reliable provider, such as Desky, to guarantee optimum ergonomic benefits.

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Is it OK to use a kneeling chair all day?

After an acclimatization period, most individuals can comfortably use rocking kneeling chairs throughout their workday. These uniquely designed chairs not only serve the purpose of sitting but also promote 'active sitting'.

With your core more engaged, you're better able to maintain proper posture, reducing any strain on your lower back. However, it is recommended to initially use these chairs for short durations to allow your body time to adjust.

What are the drawbacks of a kneeling chair?

Though kneeling chairs offer numerous benefits, using an ill-fitting one can lead to increased pain and stiffness. The common pitfalls include chairs too small for your size, restricting leg movement and causing you to sit awkwardly, which, as a result, can cause back and joint pain.

Thereby, it's essential to verify that your kneeling chair caters specifically to your dimensions, ensuring a tailored fit.

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Which chair is best for lower back pain?

Different chairs speak to the differing needs of individuals. Ergonomic chairs with kneeler functions, potentially among the best options for alleviating lower back pain, might not be everybody's preference.

Factors such as lumbar support, adjustability, and seat material also play a significant role. For comprehensive benefits, however, you might want to consider height-adjustable desks that can help maintain a better posture and reduce the risk of back pain.


To sum up, kneeling chairs can be an effective solution towards managing lower back pain. While they enjoy endorsements from acclaimed chiropractors, like Dr. Matt Cooper, it's vital to ensure they're used correctly and fit the user's dimensions.

Replacing traditional chairs with kneeling chairs to promote active seating might be a big step for some. Hence, it's recommended to initially use these chairs for brief periods before transitioning to all-day use. Although viable as a standalone solution, kneeling chairs' effectiveness can be amplified when coupled with other ergonomic furniture such as height-adjustable desks. Consider visiting our website Desky for more information.

Remember, feeling comfortable while working is not a luxury; it's a necessity!

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