Can you add lumbar support to office chair?

Office chairs perform a crucial role in our day-to-day lives, particularly for those who spend hours sitting for work. Therefore, it's vital that these chairs provide the required comfort and support, especially for the lower back or lumbar region.

Here we discuss whether you can add lumbar support to your office chair and how it benefits your health.

Is it Good to Have Lumbar Support for an Office Chair?

Lumbar support in the office chair is highly beneficial. This support helps create a healthy posture by effectively bridging the gap between the seat and the lower back's inward curve.

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How do I Support my Lower Back in an Office Chair?

Your seating strategy plays a key role in ensuring lower back support while using an office chair. Your backside should touch the chair's back, coupled with a cushion that allows a slight arc in your lower back. This arc prevents slouching, lessens strain, and keeps your energy levels stable.

How to Create Office Chair Back Support?

Though many chair models come with built-in lumbar support, you can improvise if yours doesn't. Various special cushions and pillows exist specifically for this purpose.

Alternatively, a simple rolled-up towel placed at the lower back can be just as effective. However, always ensure the support maintains the spine's natural curve and doesn't force it into awkward angles.

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How Can I Sit in an Office Chair Without Back Pain?

To alleviate stress on your back, adhere to the following seating guidelines:

  • Sit close to your desk with your head upright.
  • Keep your upper arms parallel to your spine and your hands at 90-degrees on the work surface.
  • Position your legs at 90 degrees, directly above your ankles.

These pointers, followed consistently, can help avoid unnecessary back strain and discomfort.


In summary, adding lumbar support to an office chair promotes good posture, reduces strain, and prevents back pain in the long run. While some chairs include this feature, it is possible to add the support yourself if necessary.

By following a few simple tips, remaining comfortable and maintaining good posture throughout your workday can become second nature.

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